Sierra Leone is going through a very difficult phase at this moments after the National Election ( The country is still not steady. There has been a very serious problem in the Parliament where the majority party in Parliament where dragged out of Parliament by the Police. Negotiations are going on. Please pray for stability

20th Year Anniversary

As you know this year is our 20th. Celebration of the Sierra Leone Ministry. We are putting our mind together for celebration of how the good Lord has brought us thus far.

After 20 years we hope and pray the good Lord will provide us with a big lift in Freetown by providing us a building for school, Church, community Hall and offices. This is going to be a blessing for both the Ministry and the country.


  1. Please pray for sierra Leone and for the negotiations in Parliament to go through.
  2. For the Sierra Leone ministry to continue to make progress. To have a wonderful 20th year celebration.

Stay Blessed

Yatta Samura



Congratulations to Pastor Yatta on the Award of Outstanding Alumnus from the Evangelical College of Theology – April 2018

In the UK we are pleased to congratulate Pastor Yatta on his award from the Evangelical College of Theology which organizes a National Leadership Conference. Pastor Yatta was given the award from the 800 Pastors and Church Leaders who attended the conference. The award was given because of the progress of his ministry and his service to the Nation. In the UK we remember Pastor Yatta looking after Orphans back in 2001 during the Civil War, when the country was deemed unsafe. He set a high level of service at that time and it continues to the present day. This prestigious award is truly deserved by Pastor Yatta.

Richard Bayfield 11th May 2018

Cricket in Freetown

Another load of freight has just arrived in Freetown. It included the usual school supplies and this time we sent a load of cricket equipment. All of which was donated. This is what Yatta has to say: “Thank you very much. We really appreciate the effort. We received them and have distributed. We donated some things to a nurse who is a member of our church. She took them to the hospital. The big one is the Cricket equipments. Abdulia is part of Sports Life and a national Cricket player. The equipments is expensive and difficult to get. We distributed the sports items to him to take it to his club. As I am talking to you now the team has gone to Nigeria for a tournament. Those equipments are a blessing to them. The other things are shared to church members. On behalf of our team we say a big thank you”. Abdulia is in the brown shirt!

Pastor Yatta Oxford visit

We hosted Pastor Yatta and friends to puddings cheese and wine on Friday evening, 16th March 2018 in St Andrews Parish Room. Vicky and Nic Russell who were recent visitors to Sierra Leone gave an enthusiastic presentation of their visit. Nic as a first time visitor said he intends to return before long. Pastor Yatta spoke in his usual inspirational and gracious manner. The event photographs below depict a wonderful atmosphere which was the key word used in feedback  over the last few days.

Pastor Yatta at St Andrews

Pastor Yatta spoke briefly  at all the St Andrews services on Sunday 18th March 2018. His message was one of thanks for the financial support during the mudslides and flooding. He spoke of how his ministry had supported survivors with food, shelter and community. Pastor Yatta spoke of hope for Sierra Leone despite the mudslides, despite Ebola and despite the civil war. There was much opportunity for conversation, laughter, friendship and fellowship both before and after the services.


Ministry Update from Yatta

I am very happy that the good Lord has crossed us over to 2018.

2017 was a difficult and challenging year to the people of this nation. The year 2017 brought pain and tears to many families due to the flooding and mudslides in August. Latterly austerity was declared by the government.

Our Theme this year…. THE POWER OF CHANGE.

We strongly believe that the face of our ministry our country will definitely change this year for good. As we celebrate 20 Years of existence at the Christian Community Church.

Politically Sierra Leone is changing and on the 7th March Sierra Leone is going to the polls. This Election has the potential to bring unrest to this nation and tension is mounting. In our small country we have over 16 political parties. We have set up a prayer group, to pray specifically for a fear free and credible Election.

Freetown… Our cry and pain is in regard to accommodation. We are having serious problem with the present place we are meeting for church and office.


  1. For a peaceful Election and a God-fearing leader that will move this nation forward.
  2. For the church building project in Freetown.
  3. For the School and community Training project.
  4. For 6 good and committed coaches for Sports Mission.
  5. For the 16 children that are supported by Yatta who pays their school fees etc.
  6. For the child feeding program and for external support.
  7. For the 20 years celebration this year and for God’s provision.
  8. For the February / March visits by Oxford friends to Sierra Leone.
  9. For Pastor Yatta’s visit to the USA in late February and to the UK in March.


Ministry Update Sierra Leone

[From Yatta via WhatsApp 1 Nov]

I write to say a big thank you for the assistance you gave to Victims of the mudslide. They appreciate it very much, it was indeed a blessing to them , to some we gave money to help with their children schooling.
There were many displaced camps set up for the mudslide and the flooding we concentrated on two DON BOSCO and YA BUNDU respectively. We concentrated on Don BOSCO where women and children are kept. After spending a long time with them I am happy to let you know that every Sunday we have over 25 people that comes to our service because of the act of goodness we have shown to them. They will be around until 15th December then every body will go. Where I don’t know yet. We will keep in touch with them.
Politics.. The fragile peace we have been enjoying all this time after the war wants to be destroyed. Our National Election is on the 7th March 2018. Too much tension mounting. We pray and hope we would have a violence free election. Some of us would have to volunteer in the election process to maintain the peace.
Camp.. In December 27-30th Sports life ministry is planing a big youth Camp for about 300 young people. This is a discipleship method. This camp will have a lot of the mudslide and the flooding children. We need to keep them and excited. We are working in raising the funds for the camp in December.
Church Celebration.. Christian community church will be celebrating 20 years of existence we are meeting this month November to start the planning. Between Freetown and Kono. The celebration convention will definitely take place in Kono where we have more celebration.
First time in the history of sports for Sierra Leone to have gold in beach volleyball, we played and beat South Africa in the finals. What are celebration. Our sport people have started gaining confidence.
The church land for Freetown is still not signed. The director has ask to stop signing land documents until all the mess are sorted out. I have an appointment with the minister please pray that I will have favor.
Spot Them Young ”program. Sports Life is affecting the lives of our young sports people by coaches and teams. Training and growing whole life coaches to train not only their sports but also their lives. Sierra Leone has gone through a lot of difficulty challenges, we are building a new generation as future leaders.

1. Peaceful Election
2. For Sports life to continue to influence through Sports
3. Please pray for the Camp to meet its desired out come. And for God to help us raise the funds needed
4. For wisdom for the planning of the 20yrs of existence
5. Please pray for the mudslide and the flooding victims specifically for those we are working with at DON BOSCO for proper understanding of the things of GOd. And for God to provide for them as they step out December 15th.
Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

Don Bosco camp for flood victims

From Pastor Yatta Whatsapp 7 Sept:

This is the camp of DON BOSCO run by the Catholics where a lot of children and woman are taken. We choose them to do the presentation. They have a bit over 300 inmates. We did the presentation and we where taken around to see the camp. They pitched 7 big tents. They try to feed then 3 times a day. I tell you it is a big work.

Note from editor: Yatta used some of the money we sent him to buy supplies which he gave to the Don Bosco camp.


A Survivor. Alone.

From Pastor Yatta, Sept 7th

This Lady on the Black and White was taken away by the flood and was rescued at Lumley beach unconscious. We spoke and prayed with her, she lost her two children, husband and her parent she is the only survivor. We have to give her a special gift.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 00.37.25WhatsApp Image 2017-09-08 at 00.37.24(1)

Prayers for Sierra Leone

Sunday 3rd Sept from Pastor Yatta Samura

Sierra Leone is at a CROSS ROAD and too many things are going on.

The flooding is still fresh in the minds of the people. Many people are still not able to find their missing family or relatives. The Rain is still coming very heavily.

Last week more rain took place, that’s also killing people. Last Night it was the same problem. Two children died in my community and we have been able to find the bodies this evening.

Please pray that the Lord stop this rain, as this is supposed to be the last month of the rainy season.

The presidential and parliamentary Election is around the corner and this has the potential to affect the fragile Peace we have in this country. The tension is mounting very high.

Pray that the Lord gives us the right leaders and a peaceful Election.

Government is working in removing people from the slums where the effect is always taking place. Trying to provide affordable housing for them.

Pray for the funding and partners to make it a reality.

I went this week to Don Bosco where many of the flood victims’ children are kept, it was pathetic to see. I presented food items to them and pray for them. I am trying to start a ministry with them. We are not allowed to take pictures of them to send out.

Pray that’s God use me to be a blessing to them.

Pray for sports life in December we are planning a youth Camp for over 400. We want children to come from all around the country with special reference to the flood victims.

Pray for God to help us with the funding and volunteers.

Again, I say a BIG THANK YOU for the assistance you have provided thus far to help with the problem that has be fall this our beloved Nation Sierra Leone. God will move us forward. Jesus is the Answer for Sierra Leone.

Stay Blessed

Yatta Samura