St Andrews School, Meima, Kono

St Andrews School, Meima, Kono

The Trustees of LSL have individually supported children in Sierra Leone since the end of the civil war in 2002. We were very influenced by Pastor Yatta’s story of supporting 16 orphans in a 2 bedroom house. A situation alien to our lives in the UK. We have all visited Sierra Leone in recent years to see at first hand the good work being undertaken there.

We primarily work with the Christian Community Church Mission in Sierra Leone to provide support for education, health, and general well-being to children and adults in Sierra Leone.

All money received goes towards supporting our education, pastoral and Ebola victim support programs in Sierra Leone. Historically the Trustees of the charity are the largest contributors both in terms of donations and in doing whatever is required to run the charity – we have no employees.

We built St Andrews school in Meima in 2004, it now has over 400 children. The Sierra Leone Govt funded an extension to the school in 2010, showing their confidence in our commitment to keeping the school going. None of the children can afford school fees so costs are covered by us.

Trustees: Richard Bayfield, Dr Diana Snape, Rev David Bendor-Samuels, Ian Gill, Norm Robins.