St Andrews school Maima

standrewsschoolchildrenConstruction work on Maima School began in early 2004. At the time of its official opening on 20 November 2004, over 100 children had been enrolled at the school. The project has been a great success with wide support from the local community. Despite a temporary classroom being built in the playground, there are several names on a waiting list for places pending further expansion of the school.

Prior to 2004, Maima Village and its surrounding eight villages had no primary school. Most children between the ages of six and twelve are illiterate and idle, with a bleak future. This Church-run school now provides them with education in the context of good Christian morality, helping them to be productive and God-fearing for the community and the nation.

The school is managed by an independent body comprising the representatives of the parents, other members of the community, the church and representatives from the Sierra Leone Education Ministry. By 2011 the school had grown to approximately 300 pupils.

The school building also serves as a church for the local community.

Bogalow Church School

Bogalow church school is a junior school. It is not supported by the Government so works on a mix of modest fees and free places. It has approximately 200 children attending.