The Christian Community Church Mission has 6  churches in Sierra Leone. There is one in Freetown, the capital city and five in Kono, Eastern Sierra Leone.

The church is very much part of the community in Sierra Leone and Pastor Yatta was closely involved with victims in his community when floods hit Freetown in August 2017.

Each of the churches has a Senior Pastor Three of them have Assistants. We are working towards all the churches having assistant pastors. All these pastors are under the leadership of Rev. Yatta Samura, who serves as the General Overseer. Until his death in 2020 Pastor James MacCarthy was the vice overseer to Rev. Yatta. He specifically supervised the five churches in Kono and all the work that is going on there including the St Andrews church school project.

Presently all these pastor and leaders are volunteers. They are performing well, their churches are growing and lives are being won to Christ. But they face the challenge of providing for their basic needs and that of their families. For now they depend on the meagre church offerings and tithes to take care of themselves and other church needs.

The Mission therefore wishes to raise support for each of these pastors and leaders so as to enable them work with less financial and domestic burden, thereby enabling them be more effective in service to God and to his work in Sierra Leone.

The Mission also intends to ensure that each local church has a suitable building that can be used as a decent church edifice and a primary school for the large number of children in primary grade level that are out of school.

The churches:

  • Bongalow
  • Freetown
  • Koidu
  • Koquima
  • Sawolla
  • St. Andrew’s