Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp] Greetings from Sierra Leone on our Independent day 27th. April which makes us 60 years. Where are we as a nation…. That’s what people are asking…. Some people cry for Sierra Leone. I hope you guys and your family are doing well. Corona is gradually going down many of the … Continue reading Ministry Update

Ahkom school farm classrooms

[From David Sandi] The roof is finally coming up on the initial set of 6 classrooms at the school farm. I saved a lot by hiring a power sawer to cut down a few trees in our village and reap the boards. However the carpenter says I’m short by 43 boards. I shall try asap to … Continue reading Ahkom school farm classrooms

Gifts for children

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp] I say thank you on behalf of our children for the gift you sent them. I did 3 things…… We made a small breakfast for them which they enjoyed so much. I sent some money in One of our village Church in kono to feed the children We also help … Continue reading Gifts for children


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