Gifts for children

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp] I say thank you on behalf of our children for the gift you sent them. I did 3 things…… We made a small breakfast for them which they enjoyed so much. I sent some money in One of our village Church in kono to feed the children We also help … Continue reading Gifts for children

Ministry Training in Kono

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp] As I told you I am in Kono since last Friday. I came to do ministry training for pastors and Elders. I targeted 15, it has turn out to be 45. Pastors came from other churches. It is a blessing. I am teaching 4 subjects a day. I am doing … Continue reading Ministry Training in Kono

Easter meal for Ahkom pupils

[From David Sandi] Schools closed yesterday for Easter break. Second term report cards were also prepared for distribution to students. Staff therefore thought it ideal to have the meal on this day as at least 98% of students would be attending. The meal was prepared for nursery and primary divisions numbering 255. Parents were in attendance … Continue reading Easter meal for Ahkom pupils

St Andrews School Meama

St Andrew’s school was started by Pastor Yatta with support from LSL in 2004 and was taken over by the Govt in 2016. Yatta visited the school last week and sent this update. [From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp] This is Meama the St.Andrew school. We are grateful to God the school is still on going. … Continue reading St Andrews School Meama


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