Cricket in Freetown

Another load of freight has just arrived in Freetown. It included the usual school supplies and this time we sent a load of cricket equipment. All of which was donated. This is what Yatta has to say: “Thank you very much. We really appreciate the effort. We received them and have distributed. We donated some things to a nurse who is a member of our church. She took them to the hospital. The big one is the Cricket equipments. Abdulia is part of Sports Life and a national Cricket player. The equipments is expensive and difficult to get. We distributed the sports items to him to take it to his club. As I am talking to you now the team has gone to Nigeria for a tournament. Those equipments are a blessing to them. The other things are shared to church members. On behalf of our team we say a big thank you”. Abdulia is in the brown shirt!

More freight on its way to Sierra Leone

Ian has just taken up another car-load of stuff, ready to freight to Freetown. It should hopefully arrive later this month. It includes several laptops and computers (thanks to St. Clare’s, Oxford), medical supplies, football boots, educational supplies, mobiles etc. People are always so generous when donating! Yatta will distribute things in Freetown and also send some items up to Kono. More pictures when everything arrives!