News from Pastor Yatta

The ministry has its own inimitable style. It is based upon love being a verb and upon sport. An example is the weekly “beach exercise and prayer” which Pastor Yatta describes in more detail:

Beach Exercise… Every Saturday and Sunday the beaches are full with every kind of people going to exercise. So, we have been moved to start a ministry on the beaches of Freetown. Exercise and prayer ministry at the beach. It is very exciting. We meet 7 9. We started it for Christians, but Muslims are coming in now, so we have opened it to everyone!

The Ministry of Education has asked us (sports Life) to organise the inter primary school football tournament at the East end of Freetown. 28 schools have been put under our care. It is a big opportunity for the ministry. We pray for co-operation from the schools.

Let me thank you our Partners in Oxford. We are so much grateful for your prayers and financial support.


  1. For the schools ministry, the community training, the beach ministry and the coaching programs.
  2. For the inter primary school competition going on now, for it to finish well and our partnership with the ministry of Education continue.
  3. For our relationship and partnership with the Sierra Leone Football Association.
  4. For funding to support the ministry, in particular for Pastors’ salaries and vehicle maintenance.

Ahkom Lei Farm

Facing the continued rise in the costs of staple foodstuff, we decided there was a need to expand our farming activities. Hence the recent acquisition in Wanjama, Lei chiefdom – about 19 miles from Koidu, of over 150 acres of prime forest and bole land. This land was gifted to us in large part from my late mother’s side.  Tankoro chiefdom, where my late dad hailed from, hosts a lot of mining activities, stiff competition for land and encroachment from large  urban settlements for effective large scale farming.

Food prices in Sierra Leone will continue to rise exponentially. Its vital that those of us who have the will engage in such activity inorder to help ease price increments within our vicinity. It’s also important we try to secure our heritage land as big business from abroad has commenced the purchase of thousands of hectares for largely cash crop as opposed to Food crop production. 

On the 14th we commenced clearing of the 40 acre bole land section of the farm land. To achieve this we’re using a chemical spray that will kill off the electric and elephant grass. Clearing is necessary to enable the ministry of agriculture field workers to peg out the 20 acre site we have reserved for the transfer and replanting of an initial number of 1,000 cashew seedlings (see below picture of seedlings at min of agric nursery site, Koidu awaiting transport to Wanjama). It will also enable our workers to prepare the land for planting of food crop –  yam, plantain, sweet potato, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, aubergine, pepper, onions etc. In addition to serving our dependents food requirements, most of the harvest will be trucked down to the market towns or sold off in bulk within the year to earn quick income for Ahkom activities. Seeds from Hillary will be planted here and at the school farm site near Koidu to determine where they do best. The school farm near koidu remains our proposed experimental site. Going forward, it will provide invaluable practical experience not only for our pupils, but pupils from other schools. 

Tied to the back of the motorbike in the picture is a carton of with 12 containers of chemical. Mixed with water each container can spray just over 1 acre. We’ll be needing around 4 more cartons each costing £100.

The 90+ acres of forest is home to monkeys and deer. Our plan is to gradually encircle that locality using traditional methods of planting thorn bush in thick formation augmenting with barbed wire subject to finances. Because goat and sheep can subsist alongside deer and monkeys, we’ll introduce the former within the proposed enclosure where they can roam free and thrive.

Among the pictures you’ll see a newly constructed board bridge. It leads to the site and has provided an immediate benefit for local school children, men and women going to their farm. Before they had to wade through the water, a dangerous exercise for little kids when the river rises and flows fast during the rains.

I close by happily modifying  the well known ditty “Oh I do love to be beside the seaside” with my very own “Oh I do love to be beside the bush!”

Regards and God bless. 


Ministry Update

I am grateful to God for what he is doing in the Sierra Leone MINISTRY. Let me on the behalf of my Team mates Thank you our Partners Love Sierra Leone . We are so much grateful for you prayers and financial support. If it has not been for your support many things would have gone the other way. WE SAY THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • We had 6 marriages this past 4 months. We as a church are happy to see the young people settling down. Our prayers is for the marriages to last. As the wind of divorce is blowing even in churches.
  • 45 people were baptized altogether within the Christian community churches. And has been received into membership.
  • Last FEBRUARY I travel with a team to both makeni and Kambai in the North of the country to look at the possibility of starting a new church and sports ministry. We had had open doors. The schools are ready to welcome the sports ministry. We are praying and hoping that we will move there one day.
  • The Church leadership in Kono are doing great they meet every month. Received report from them every other month. Rev. Benjamin Lebbie took over the leadership since the passing away of Rev. James Marcarthy.
  • Weekly school program is ongoing. We do games, fellowship prayers and testimonies. We are having testimonies from the Children as to how God answer their prayers.
  • Schools and community coaching is also ongoing. Our coaches are doing great. The children are excited. We do it as a clinics. Not just to play the sports but to know Jesus.
  • Beach Exercise… Every Saturdays and Sundays the beaches are full with every kind of people going to exercise. So we have been move to start a beach ministry. Exercise and prayer ministry at the beach. It is very exciting. We meet 7 – 9 A. M. We starred it for Christians but Muslims are coming in now so we open it.
  • The Ministry of Education has ask us (sports Life) to organised for them their inter primary school football tournament at the East end of Freetown. 28 schools has been put under our care. It is a big thing for the ministry. We pray for corporation from the schools. May the partnership continue to grow.
  • The New Church in Freetown… Grace Community Church (MAMBO) This pass week able to choose and Installed its first Eldership Team of 2 people. They have proven to be faithful, reliable and serviceable in the church.
  • We were also happy to have give the opportunity to work with our national Team before they left for the Africa Nation’s Cup. Too much problems in the team. We pray the relationship will continue. The Vice president is a member of sports Life ministry.

a. I was so very much disappointed when the Chelsea star came to Sierra Leone and they did not allow us to see him or talk with him. Despite all the contact we used. We hope we shall meet with him one day.

b. I was not able to attend this year conference ..International Sports Conference in America because I was not able to get date for visa interview. The conference was the 21st. February. The earliest date for visa in the Internet is 30th. March.

c. I lost my younger brother last February 5th. and has already been buried. It was a time of family reunion. He has three children. His wife is also late. Pray for the children in the university. Also IBRAHIM koroma our Sports Life Team mate lost his mother and has also been buried.


  1. For God to keep the new marriage couples going.
  2. For more bigger doors to open to go to Makeni and Kambai and start a ministry there. For the funds and man power.
  3. For the churches in Kono to continue growing and the leadership to be united and strong.
  4. For the Schools and community training and coaching programs to keep on keeping on.
  5. For the inter primary school competition going on now, for it to finish well and our partnership with the ministry of Education continue.
  6. Beach Exercise….. As more people come may they find Christ.
  7. For the new Eldership Team of the Grace Community Church to be more serviceable in the church.
  8. For our relationship and partnership with the Sierra Leone Football Association. SLFA to grow.

Yours faithfully
Rev Yatta Samura

Pastor Yatta Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via email]

This two months has been a very busy time. Schools are on holiday so we are moving around with the children play competitions.  Our U 15 and U 10 respectively…

School Reopen at the end of September. Trying to get some school Items to help some of the children that their parents are finding it difficult to take care of them.

The churches were close for the 3rd. Wave of the coronavirus but has now reopen last week. People are refusing to take the vaccine

Just coming from a meeting in Kono. We are working in retaking the St. Andrews school in meama. It has become a government assisted school. We don’t want them to change the name. We are also working in doing some repairs in 3 classrooms.

Community coaching and clinics are going on every morning during this school holiday. Many children have registered. It is a fun time with the kids.

Thank you for the vehicle you help me to get. It is very useful. I go to Kono more regularly because I have to supervise the work in kono. I miss pastor marcarthy.

We are very much grateful to God. One of our teammates at sports life ministry won and became the 1st. Vice president of the Sierra Leone Football Association. It is wonderful.

 Guinea Conakry our neighbouring country has just yesterday remove their president from power because of corruption and poor condition of living. 
 Sierra Leone is worst than guinea. So I am afraid.

1. Please pray for Mrs. Sarah marcarthy and family. For god’s provision

2. Please pray for us to be able to take the school from government. Their is a very big plot of land given to the school. We don’t want to miss that as well for future development

 3. Our pastors are doing well. Please also remember their family as school reopen. This is one of the most difficult period for parents. School opening

 4. Pray for our brother to make the difference in the football association. 
He is  – Harold Nat Johnson

5. Please pray for people to come out and take the vaccine. To save Sierra Leone from coronavirus.

 6. We are having fun with the kids… As we share the gospel let them understand to receive Jesus as Lord.

7. Please pray for the the vehicle to keep performing well as it is very much serviceable.

Stay Blessed….
Yatta Samura

Pastor MacCarthy memorial service

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

Just coming from Kono where we did a memorial service for the late Pastor James MacCarthy who pass away on the 11 June 2020. He died during the height of the coronavirus and lockdown.

As a mission we decided to do a memorial service alongside the family.

The service was very well attended. We indeed lost a great man of God. Somebody who have served the mission and impacted lives. People were crying and wailing. I am grateful to God that we were able to do it.

Please pray for the Family, life is difficult for them. Every thing was Pastor MacCarthy. His wife was just a house wife. She has 4 children to look after. A girl the youngest and 3 boys all in the university.

As a mission we want to empower his wife to take care and support the family. If you guys can help us to set her up in a small business. After spending time talking to her she agree that 2 thousand pounds can do that for her. 2,000 . Her extended family and church family are looking for what we are doing for her. Pastor MacCarthy has been a key figure in this mission.

Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

Greetings from Sierra Leone on our Independent day 27th. April which makes us 60 years. Where are we as a nation…. That’s what people are asking…. Some people cry for Sierra Leone.

I hope you guys and your family are doing well. Corona is gradually going down many of the Restrictions have been lifted. Infection cases are going down…. That call for celebration.

Yesterday 27th April was our 60th Independent day ….. There was no celebration because people thought that there is nothing much to celebrate. Problem after problem in this Nation. The government invited other heads of state in the sub Region. Ghana, Gambia, Liberia , Guinea and dignitaries……..


  1. I have taken the coronvirus vaccine my second dose is on th 16th June. Happy to have had the opportunity others are afraid. But I am ok. Pastor Boima the assistant pastor in Meama Kono was very sick I brought him down to Freetown for medical treatment. He has improved and has gone back to Kono. We bought all the medicines to continue the treatment. I am grateful to God that we were able to help a brother and a teammate. May the good Lord continue to give him good health. Pastor Boima who is also the chief at Meama has given a large portion of Land to the MISSION for future development of the MISSION.
  2. The New church planting in MAMBO West of Freetown will be officially start on the 30th. May. We really look forward to it.
  3. I am Invited to attend a leadership conference in Dubai on the 13th – 18th. May. I need your help with my contribution of $500. They are working on my visa now.
  4. Memorial Service….. We are doing a memorial service for the the late pastor Marcarthy. We shall do it in collaboration with the family and the body of Christ in Kono on the 3th. June 2021. Putting our plans together.
  5. We have started working with the single leg Amputee. They do have a football team practising by the beach side. It is so good to hear their stories and to be able to share the love of Christ with them. They value your prayers.
  6. PRAYERS……
    • For Sierra Leone to make progress, to move forward , for peace and cohesiveness
    • For pastor Boima for his health to improve
    • For the planning going on for the new church planting to start
    • For the memorial service for pastor Marcarthy as we work with the body of Christ and the family for good working relationship. And God’s province
    • Single let Amputee for Grace and wisdom for us as we work with them.
    • For my travel to the training in Dubai for God’s province

Stay Blessed
YATTA Samura

Ahkom school farm classrooms

[From David Sandi]

The roof is finally coming up on the initial set of 6 classrooms at the school farm.
 I saved a lot by hiring a power sawer to cut down a few trees in our village and reap the boards. However the carpenter says I’m short by 43 boards. I shall try asap to overcome that hurdle.

Gifts for children

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

I say thank you on behalf of our children for the gift you sent them.

I did 3 things……

We made a small breakfast for them which they enjoyed so much.

I sent some money in One of our village Church in kono to feed the children

We also help some children with their schooling. I gave them some money to take to their parents to help them get back to school. We received a lot of thank you from the family.

So I am sending the THANK YOU back to you for providing the funds. This is an excitement the children always look forward to.thank you thank you thank you.