ebola march


On Wednesday 29th October “Concerned Sierra Leoneans UK”, (CSL-UK), a newly formed Umbrella Organization for Sierra Leonean organizations in the UK, led a march of a few hundred persons to Downing Street to thank the British Government, and British Citizens, for their part in the fight against ebola in West Africa and, specifically, Sierra Leone. The Organization also implored that urgent measures be taken to seek a vaccine.  AHKOM HEALTH were part of this march and its Director, David Sandi, part of the Steering Committee which planned it.

The marchers were addressed by Hon Harriet Harman outside Whitehall while five representatives were invited into Downing Street where government officials, among them the Minister of Health, received our “Thank You” letter and other documents.

The march achieved its stated objective and was an overall success.

For its part AHKOM HEALTH  will continue to appeal to you all for your generous donations to achieve its own stated goals. Our beneficiaries, by virtue of distance and poor road networks, often miss out on the benefits of general charity giving -hence the need for our own targeted initiative. God bless you all; and stay blessed.


3 thoughts on “ebola march

  1. David

    Interesting to learn about the March on the 29th October in London. There does not seem to have been much media coverage of the event. Any thoughts on the reason for this?



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