Yatta’s Ministry Update Oct 2016

“Those who walk with God will always reach their destination”
“No matter how far you have gone down the wrong road, it is never too late to turn around and start a new journey on the right road”

May the good Lord be with us on our journey.
Sierra Leone….. Things are getting more difficult by the clock. Interestingly looking at Sierra Leone today You will find out that the figures are swinging down.
Educational standard are going down. Chances of getting daily bread is going down, Health standard are also going down, checks and balances are literally breaking down.
Meanwhile here in Sierra Leone despite the fact that the IMF/World Bank claim to be here fighting to eradicate poverty in partnership with our leaders- things continue to go from bad to worse. After the Ebola Epidemic this country has not been able to return to normalcy. Most businesses closed down, many people pulled out and have still not returned. Cost of living has gone way up to the point that even a bag of rice has gone to about $35 a bag when the basic salary is about $50. People live in this country by miracle to be able to go through the month with that money with their families that why many children could not go to school.

CHURCH… The church mission celebrated it 18 years of existence. We where not able to celebrate but we where able to meet as a council and we came out with the decision to embark on training. We have therefore started a training School. CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY CHURCH -TRAINING SCHOOL.
We put together 3 Level of Training….

I have started the level 1 with 30 students in Freetown. We will finish end of October.. graduation will be first week in November.
Next year February and March will be for Kono Training we would expect over 100+.

SPORTS LIFE…. We have started a program with schools and Community called “SPOT THEM YOUNG” To help meet need in this country to be able to identify talent at early age. To give the Children opportunity to play. To shape them for future vocation. We have started training in three communities in the country but we planned to go length and wide of the country. I will send you pictures .

We would appreciate any kind of help. We are attracting hundred Children and more in each location ages.6-14. This will be of serious benefit to the nation. This is a time of sowing, investing in the lived of the young Stars.

I am happy to report that the national primary school exams result are out. Almost all the children we sent where able to make it secondary school. We are happy that the school is been handed over to the government. They are happy to take it over. They are working out their modalities.They sent a high power delegation the last time to inspect the school. We still want to have some amount of influence in the school as a mission.

1.Please pray for the Training School for for smooth running.a and financial support
2. For the  project on SPOT THEM YOUNG
For coaches to be more committed. To coach not only the Sports but the lives of the children
3. The Church as we embark on Evangelism that more people will come to faith in the Lord Jesus
4. Pray for Sierra Leone as things are very difficult. Cost of living is going way up.
5.For the peace of this country ad the Election Drew’s closer.
6. Pray for Pastor Marcarthy ad he provides leadership for the team in Kono. For God to provide him a new bike to smooth his movement around as the old one is broken down.

Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

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