May 2017 Ministry Update


The Lord that has started the good work in our lives and ministry will surely bring it to completion. C3MSL is growing and God is taking us somewhere.

SCHOOL… St. Andrews is still operating under the Co Leadership of both the Government and the Mission. We still keep the influence of the Church in the school. Last Friday the children of the school join the rest of the country to write out their national examination. Children from the surrounding villages of the school now come to the school to take their national exam.

CHURCH… The churches are doing well. GOD is on the move with us. Kono is working in starting another congregation in a remote village. I have also put a team together on Mission to Makeni about one hundred miles from Freetown. It is strategic to start a church. We are hoping to move in June.

SPORTS LIFE MINISTRY… Have just had their Jog 4 Jesus which was well attended with All Works of Life. It is a program people look forward to every year. The school and Community program is still going on. One big challenge we are having now is when we said every child must be going to school that want to be part of the program. We now have to put children in school because their parent cannot afford. We are also planning a big Camp in December for over 500 children.

SIERRA LEONE. Sierra Leone is facing an Election in march next year already creating tension. Too many bad things happening now in the country. Please pray that God give us the right leader. This country is going down and people suffering. Cost of living going up every day. 109 carat diamond has been found in Kono which the country is trying to sell. The second biggest ever to be found. We pray it will benefit the nation. Next year we would be celebrating 20 years as a mission. We have started meeting and planning for the celebration. We would want you to come so please start making plans. We would give you full update later


  1. for the school in Kono to continue to influence the Communities.

2.the churches we are trying to start especially in Kono for funding.

  1. Coming Camp in December for proper planning and funding. To influence the lives of the children for good.
  2. Sports Life… Schools and Community program… For us to continue the train whole life Coaches that will father the children.
  3. For God to provide for us to meet the needs of our pastors. Life is really not easy for them. Stay Blessed.

Pastor Yatta Samura

One thought on “May 2017 Ministry Update

  1. What wonderful things Yatta is doing despite a very difficult situation out there. He keeps helping others before himself, such a good lesson.


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