Pastor Yatta Oxford visit

We hosted Pastor Yatta and friends to puddings cheese and wine on Friday evening, 16th March 2018 in St Andrews Parish Room. Vicky and Nic Russell who were recent visitors to Sierra Leone gave an enthusiastic presentation of their visit. Nic as a first time visitor said he intends to return before long. Pastor Yatta spoke in his usual inspirational and gracious manner. The event photographs below depict a wonderful atmosphere which was the key word used in feedback  over the last few days.

Pastor Yatta at St Andrews

Pastor Yatta spoke briefly  at all the St Andrews services on Sunday 18th March 2018. His message was one of thanks for the financial support during the mudslides and flooding. He spoke of how his ministry had supported survivors with food, shelter and community. Pastor Yatta spoke of hope for Sierra Leone despite the mudslides, despite Ebola and despite the civil war. There was much opportunity for conversation, laughter, friendship and fellowship both before and after the services.


Ministry Update from Yatta

I am very happy that the good Lord has crossed us over to 2018.

2017 was a difficult and challenging year to the people of this nation. The year 2017 brought pain and tears to many families due to the flooding and mudslides in August. Latterly austerity was declared by the government.

Our Theme this year…. THE POWER OF CHANGE.

We strongly believe that the face of our ministry our country will definitely change this year for good. As we celebrate 20 Years of existence at the Christian Community Church.

Politically Sierra Leone is changing and on the 7th March Sierra Leone is going to the polls. This Election has the potential to bring unrest to this nation and tension is mounting. In our small country we have over 16 political parties. We have set up a prayer group, to pray specifically for a fear free and credible Election.

Freetown… Our cry and pain is in regard to accommodation. We are having serious problem with the present place we are meeting for church and office.


  1. For a peaceful Election and a God-fearing leader that will move this nation forward.
  2. For the church building project in Freetown.
  3. For the School and community Training project.
  4. For 6 good and committed coaches for Sports Mission.
  5. For the 16 children that are supported by Yatta who pays their school fees etc.
  6. For the child feeding program and for external support.
  7. For the 20 years celebration this year and for God’s provision.
  8. For the February / March visits by Oxford friends to Sierra Leone.
  9. For Pastor Yatta’s visit to the USA in late February and to the UK in March.


Ministry Update Sierra Leone

[From Yatta via WhatsApp 1 Nov]

I write to say a big thank you for the assistance you gave to Victims of the mudslide. They appreciate it very much, it was indeed a blessing to them , to some we gave money to help with their children schooling.
There were many displaced camps set up for the mudslide and the flooding we concentrated on two DON BOSCO and YA BUNDU respectively. We concentrated on Don BOSCO where women and children are kept. After spending a long time with them I am happy to let you know that every Sunday we have over 25 people that comes to our service because of the act of goodness we have shown to them. They will be around until 15th December then every body will go. Where I don’t know yet. We will keep in touch with them.
Politics.. The fragile peace we have been enjoying all this time after the war wants to be destroyed. Our National Election is on the 7th March 2018. Too much tension mounting. We pray and hope we would have a violence free election. Some of us would have to volunteer in the election process to maintain the peace.
Camp.. In December 27-30th Sports life ministry is planing a big youth Camp for about 300 young people. This is a discipleship method. This camp will have a lot of the mudslide and the flooding children. We need to keep them and excited. We are working in raising the funds for the camp in December.
Church Celebration.. Christian community church will be celebrating 20 years of existence we are meeting this month November to start the planning. Between Freetown and Kono. The celebration convention will definitely take place in Kono where we have more celebration.
First time in the history of sports for Sierra Leone to have gold in beach volleyball, we played and beat South Africa in the finals. What are celebration. Our sport people have started gaining confidence.
The church land for Freetown is still not signed. The director has ask to stop signing land documents until all the mess are sorted out. I have an appointment with the minister please pray that I will have favor.
Spot Them Young ”program. Sports Life is affecting the lives of our young sports people by coaches and teams. Training and growing whole life coaches to train not only their sports but also their lives. Sierra Leone has gone through a lot of difficulty challenges, we are building a new generation as future leaders.

1. Peaceful Election
2. For Sports life to continue to influence through Sports
3. Please pray for the Camp to meet its desired out come. And for God to help us raise the funds needed
4. For wisdom for the planning of the 20yrs of existence
5. Please pray for the mudslide and the flooding victims specifically for those we are working with at DON BOSCO for proper understanding of the things of GOd. And for God to provide for them as they step out December 15th.
Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

May 2017 Ministry Update


The Lord that has started the good work in our lives and ministry will surely bring it to completion. C3MSL is growing and God is taking us somewhere.

SCHOOL… St. Andrews is still operating under the Co Leadership of both the Government and the Mission. We still keep the influence of the Church in the school. Last Friday the children of the school join the rest of the country to write out their national examination. Children from the surrounding villages of the school now come to the school to take their national exam.

CHURCH… The churches are doing well. GOD is on the move with us. Kono is working in starting another congregation in a remote village. I have also put a team together on Mission to Makeni about one hundred miles from Freetown. It is strategic to start a church. We are hoping to move in June.

SPORTS LIFE MINISTRY… Have just had their Jog 4 Jesus which was well attended with All Works of Life. It is a program people look forward to every year. The school and Community program is still going on. One big challenge we are having now is when we said every child must be going to school that want to be part of the program. We now have to put children in school because their parent cannot afford. We are also planning a big Camp in December for over 500 children.

SIERRA LEONE. Sierra Leone is facing an Election in march next year already creating tension. Too many bad things happening now in the country. Please pray that God give us the right leader. This country is going down and people suffering. Cost of living going up every day. 109 carat diamond has been found in Kono which the country is trying to sell. The second biggest ever to be found. We pray it will benefit the nation. Next year we would be celebrating 20 years as a mission. We have started meeting and planning for the celebration. We would want you to come so please start making plans. We would give you full update later


  1. for the school in Kono to continue to influence the Communities.

2.the churches we are trying to start especially in Kono for funding.

  1. Coming Camp in December for proper planning and funding. To influence the lives of the children for good.
  2. Sports Life… Schools and Community program… For us to continue the train whole life Coaches that will father the children.
  3. For God to provide for us to meet the needs of our pastors. Life is really not easy for them. Stay Blessed.

Pastor Yatta Samura

More freight on its way to Sierra Leone

Ian has just taken up another car-load of stuff, ready to freight to Freetown. It should hopefully arrive later this month. It includes several laptops and computers (thanks to St. Clare’s, Oxford), medical supplies, football boots, educational supplies, mobiles etc. People are always so generous when donating! Yatta will distribute things in Freetown and also send some items up to Kono. More pictures when everything arrives!

January update and Prayer Requests

Since the New year started in January we have been Fasting and praying in believing God to help us grow our Ministry. For God to take us to another Level in our ministry.. I believe that prayer is the secret weapon in the Kingdom of God. It is like a missile that can be fired toward any spot on Earth and hit it target at anytime.In john.17:20 Jesus Prayed ‘I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe’. His prayer is answered every day somebody believe in Jesus. I see God moving us higher in 2017. Let me start by thanking you very much for those of you who by the grace of God has been PRAYING and SUPPORTING our Ministry.
Let me quickly say to you that the ministry is growing. I am happy and grateful to God for you, may the good Lord bless you and meet your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 2016 has been a year of Challenge. We face a lot of challenges but God has always been their by our side. Our theme then was ‘Standing on the Promises of God’ so we took God at his word. National Training school was started, we went through the Level 1 training which was the Foundational principles of our Christian Faith and graduated about 20 people – we would then move to Level 2 this year. I see the Training as the foundation for our Growth and stability. Already over 60 Student have registered for the Level 1 Training. Working on time to go up and stay there for that time of the training.
We had the opportunity this past year to bring together the Kono churches for Fellowship , Reports and posting. Some of our pastors are posted into a new location. It was a wonderful time together. We also had the opportunity to License 3 of our pastors in Freetown. The church in Freetown is facing a lot of challenges with their place of meeting which double as the Office of the mission. The house master want to increase the rent but we are on negotiation. We were paying $3000 but now want to increase it to $3,500. I pray and hope he will understand when we meet. Pastor Marcarthy was sick but thank God he has recovered, we also have some of our pastors that was sick and have to bring them down to Freetown for medication. It was really a challenge for all of us..
SPORTS LIFE MINISTRY.. God is taking us some where, the Spot Them Young program is spreading. We have already started in three Location. The Coaches are doing very well, their responsibility is not just to coach the sports but to coach their lives as well. So they are ‘Whole Life Coach’. We are also working in schools where God is opening a lot of doors for ministry. Our age bracket is 6- 12 primary school level and a follow up program is been set up for those who go to secondary schools. Every child in the program must be a school going child , now we are face with problem – many children that want to be part of the program their parents cannot afford to put in the school so the responsibility come back to us. We have put many in schools now we are over stretched. We are now trying to raise scholarship for them. I give lunch to 10 kids every morning, not to talk about books, bag, shoes etc. The other Challenge is the sporting equipment, any help in that direction will be appreciated. Ian Gill thank you for the box please let it keep coming every months.
JOG 4 JESUS… The Biggest ever this past year, more and more people keep getting interested to the Jogging and the proclamation of the Gospel.It is done on the Saturday for Easter Sunday. This year we are involving the school to be part of it. So we are expecting a bigger crowed. We had the opportunity to feed the children for Christmas. they where so happy and excited, after the feeding they dance almost the whole day singing and asking when again. It was very emotional I almost shed tears. They were happy and they appreciated it very much.
SCHOOL….. Sister Magrete continue with her school but St. Andrews has been given over to the Local Government to supports it. But we still try to maintain our influence in the school. Pastor Marcarthy and Safia Sesay has made themselves available to help with the school.. We are happy and lucky the pressure ha been shifted .

OUR THEME FOR 2017….. ‘GROWING TO SPIRITUAL MATURITY’ We have no option but to keep moving higher, like new born babies.
Above all we thang God for providing us Land in Freetown to build a Church and School. Even though it was very expensive the good Lord provided the funds. Church and School in Freetown is strategic for the growth of the ministry in Sierra Leone.

1. For more students to develop interest in going through the training and to equip them for service

2. For SPOT THEM YOUNG program to keep growing and attract financial supports for kits, equipment and stipend for coaches

3. Prayer answered the St. Andrews School is now with he government. Please pray that the christian influence will continue in the school and for the children to continue to do well in their exams.

4. For the Church in Freetown as we meet with the land lord for settlement. Also as we start the Building project this year for wisdom and funding. For the minister of Lands to sign our survey plan.

5. Pastor Marcarthy motorbike has been broken down we need a replacement as he supervise the work in Kono

6. For peaceful 2018 National Election. already tention within political parties. The peace in Sierra Leone is frigile this election has a lot to do..

Stay blessed
Yatta Samura

Christmas meal for kids in Freetown

[From Pastor Yatta on Christmas day]

We do had a good time yesterday with the children. We where able to feed 138 children far more than we expected because Children around the neighborhood keep coming. The children where very happy and excited . We went and played some games with them and they came eat, drink and dance. They stayed almost the whole day not wanting to go home. It was very emotional for .me. Thank you very much for your support. It was a clear sign yesterday that people are hungry in this country. Elderly people started coming from the neighborhood to ask for food. Thank you, thank you thank you. On behalf of our Team I say happy Christmas and a prosperous new 2017. May the good Lord bless you all