Dear  Brother and Sisters
  I am writing this mail with a heavy heart – Several of my Friends have died both in Kailayun,
Kenema and Makeni , Things are getting bad many people are dying everyday.
 The Government of Sierra Leone are putting modality together as Non Ebola patient
are also dying so they are reviving the non ebola hospital. Doctors and Nurses
are afraid  to touch patient as many of them has died.
 The Director of communication in the ministry of Health and sanitation yesterday told news
men that since the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in the country in May over 8, 478 household
has been quarantined  (Isolated) Any person who contracted the disease the house will be
quarantined because contact would have been made.
 This sickness came at a time when Sierra Leone was Rebuilding and looking forward to
the future with grate hope. In this past few months most of the hopes has been taken away
Ebola is not only killing our people but also destroying the economy and changing and our
way of life. People staying indoors all the time afraid to go out in-order not to contract the
disease. Unemployment was very high now it worst because many business have close down
and many people have pull out, companies offices have close down therefore no income
and prices of good have go high up because ships are not coming in that much. It is unknown
when school and university will reopen, most activities has come to an halt . They are trying
to start teaching children on the radio. I know it will not be effective.
  Some of my members in Freetown their houses have been quarantined  and no food
so they are asking me for help.Our Brothers and sisters at this moment nothing seem
to be working in this country so sickness and Hunger is killing us. So please help us
with whatever you can.  After the 3 days the home staying was effective by government
they are trying to keep us for another 7 days with nobody going out.
 One good news we are not alone people seem to be coming to give medical assistance.
China is here, England is here and that makes us hopeful, Australia, Cuba, America and
so on. So we pray and hope that it will soon come to an end. We believe God will answer
our prayer.  Stay Blessed
 Pastor Yatta Samura

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