Three days home stay

The 3 days home staying came to an end today.  Government ordered
every body in the country to stay home for three days to contain the
sprede of the Ebola virus. It wea really not easy for people as some cannot
afford food in their homes. The major problemis that the virus is spreding
many people have contracted the disease over 550 people have died.
Many people from outside are coming in to helpus with the fight. China
has sent in doctors and equipments and also setting up mobile Labouratories.
South Africa is also here, America gave Ambulances and money and also sending
personnels. The therr days was really helpful as meny people are hiding those
with the disease their homes but this 3days brought out over 200 that are taken
to the taken to the health centres. I stay in contact with those from Kono
I have set up Chain prayers around the country – People are set around the clock
to pray for 30 minuites in their house a day. My responsibility is to monitore make sure
the people remember their timing. So i am doing a lot of telephone calls.
I just hare that we would have to go in again for another 4 or 5 days. It has
been really helpful. The govt. gave me pass to move around during the three days
as monitor. Many people came around for help, helth and feeding. I am happy i was
in the position to give assistance. Thank you for your help and standing withh us
in this difficult times. Please keep praying for us that it will pass away.
Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

One thought on “Three days home stay

  1. I’m thinking of you folk in Sierra Leone all the time right now, and praying the help sent by the international community is effective and that this terrible disease will be overcome very soon.

    Andrea Fairbairn

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