Dear Friends,
 We had sad news this few days. I believe it could have got worst
but for your prayers. The number of affected people in the country
went way up. I lost a Pastor’s friend who died by Ebola, this man
went through our level one training 2 years ago and has been very
active in the sports ministry. He has already been buried by the.
Ebola burial team. The Ebola virus becomes more dangerous and
active when somebody dies so a burial Teams are develop all over
the country. This man is married with 3 children and also look after
his father and mother in the same house. The house has already
been isolated – nobody goes in or out for 21 days.
  Somebody also died yesterday in the same building as our office
and the church in freetown – the person is a nurse working in the Ebola
unit he contracted the disease fall sick and died in his room. The House
is a four stories building and there are other people living in the same
building. He lives in the last flat. He has been taken away and buried.
The house will also have to be isolated nobody goes in or out for 21 days.
Which means there will not be any church service for us as nobody will
be allowed to enter the building. I also lost a coach in Bo south of the
country died again by Ebola. He was one of the organizer of our last
youth  camp at Hastings in Freetown. I am becoming frighten but i should
been seen as leader of the Army of God, serve the people in this difficult
times. I set up a chain – prayer group all around the country. Prayer should
not stop.Every body in the chain is ask to pray 30 minutes a day. I have to co ordinate it by insuring that it is going on, my time is 2:30 – 3:00 A M  with many
other people that same time. We ask people to bring people within there time
so we get more people involve.
 The country want to close down again for another 7 days when everybody
will have to stay indoors when nobody goes in and out in the whole country.
to stop the contracting of the disease and to stop the hiding of the sick
people. Families are hiding their sick relative in their homes – that is how
families are contracting the disease. Some families lost everyone. All died.
 A National Ebola Response Center has not been , not much Holding centers
where patients are admitted, not much labs where cases are to be  confirm.
 It is estimated that over 2, 200 people have died not the number Government
is giving because they are managing the information. I don’t know but it seem
to be getting worse but that the tricks of the devil. This is not a fight for man
any more we are believing God. He is the Lord that heals and we are depending
on him. The Name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous run into it
and are safe. We shall be safe in Jesus’ name. WHO and all concern will
not be able this fight. I value your prayers and supports.
  1.Pray that God gives us opportunity to share Christ  in this difficult situation
2. That God open more opportunity for me to serve.
3. That God provide for us to look after those looking up to my assistance
4. That God takes away the virus from us and the face of the earth.
5. For more grace for our front line workers Doctors and nurses and all
those working in the unit.
6. Those people that are in the country to assist, UK USA CHINA , SUDAN
for God’s protection and grace.
7. For the Government and the coordinating unit set up for administration, monitoring and evaluation for effectiveness.
 Stay Blessed
 Yatta Samura

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