AFTER EBOLA WAR (from Yatta)

<email from Yatta Samura, Nov 3)

Dear Prayer Partners,

 God has started showing us how it would be after the war on the Ebola virus would have come to an end. We believe that it will soon come to an end even though the confirm affected cases keep going up that is why we value your prayer to say no to the devil    what has happened to us as a nation may the good Lord turn it for our good because ALL THINGS work together for good  for those who love him.

 I read some thing in the news paper few days ago that really turn me off – a family of about eight staying in the same house get affected with the virus they stayed in the house without going to the hospital, they became very sick and  started dying one after the other leaving two little girls behind –  four years old was looking after the two years old only them in the house suffering from hunger.The most pathetic thing was that people where afraid to touch them so no body dare to help them They have now be taken to the hospital, i pray that God deliver them.

 The hospital in Hastings close to freetown had over 40 people survive the virus and are discharge from the hospital. Among them are two months baby that contracted the disease in her mother womb, 2 years of age but lost the mother, ten years lost his elder brother.

Many parents are dying leaving their children behind with no one to look after them. It is happening all around the country.

 The British has set up, the Chinese are working, American and all those that come to help us fight this war of Ebola killing our people.

 Few of the sports Life Team had a meeting on saturday to discus some of this issue what to do to serve as encouragement and pillar for those children. The Minister of gender is appealing to people and organization to assist. After the war we would love to get involve but we would need to financial assistance..

 This is something we have started praying about please join us and lift them up to the Lord Almighty who is able to do far more than what we ask of him.

Stay Blessed

 Yatta Samura

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