Sierra Leone to improve

Dear Friends,
 Please keep praying, i really don’t know what is happening to Sierra Leone.
Guinea and Liberia is getting better while Sierra Leone is getting worse,
A week ago the new confirm cases came down to 40 but this few days it has gone
111 and today is 94. new cases. As i am talking we have lost an other Doctor
last week and another one has contracted the disease and now admitted in one of
the Ebola centers. There  are many challenges in the fight against Ebola in this country
 1. Is with quarantine houses and towns, a house where some body get affected
or die that house will be quarantine for 21 days where  nobody in that building
is allowed to move out. The challenge is food, they want something to eat
and sometimes they will have to go out which is dangerous that is how they get other
people affected. Because the are to wait
 2. Dead Ebola victims  – People are not suppose to touch dead bodies as the virus
is looking for a way out of the dead to another body. that is why we have the burial team that is their jobs. People still want to perform tradition. It has been a very serious problem.- many people are getting affected by that
 3. Holding Centers – The place where suspected cases are kept until their
test result arrive. some get affected in those centers. But thank God the British
and building centers that can take care of that now.
 4. Test Laboratory –  Thank God it has also improved, the Chinese have erected and the British has also set up now test and result come out in few hours rather than the 5-6 days it was taking to get test result. The American medical team has set up centers so are those from Cuba and the African Union.Every body is on board we shall conquer this virus in Jesus Name.
 5. We see it now as money making rather than helping the people of Sierra Leone. Not much Agriculture was done this year so there is Hunger all around. and the country has come to a stand still. Not much coming in to the country so the prize of food has gone way up. we are expecting WFP to provide food.This is the other virus in the country now. Guys you need to help us with that.My churches and Sports Teams are looking up to me in that regard.- whatever will go a grate way.
 6. The precautions – we are advise not to shake hand, people are still doing it.all pubs, clubs and crowded places are to remain close until further notice. As we are under state of Health emergency. that is why all school, university and business remain close. The use of chlorine and sensitizers are encourage.
  I am reporting to you with mix feelings, two of my relative will be discharge – This also we have to buy and help our people to have the materials to take the necessary precaution. Tomorrow from the Hastings Ebola Centers, they survive the virus but one died. Over 40 will be discharge tomorrow even though some of them died.Kabala was one of those place that was not affected since the brake of the virus. It seem to be spading fast since it get there – they where so vex that they start burning houses where affected person is found of died. The most affected city now is Freetown whee i am we are all afraid of our selves where ever we met because you are not sure of people.     we need to come out of this, we are tired life is becoming very difficult, It is so difficult for people to move out of the country or to get anything done.All our programs for this year is on hold. People are getting frustrated.. Thank you for your prayers and supports
 But i am sure of one thing that God is still in control, his finger is on the button.
”In  Him all things hold together”
 Stay Blessed
 Yatta Samura

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