This is the cry in Sierra Leone this past week….
1. I am tired of counting, 2. I am tired of crying, 3. I am tired of reporting the lost of precious lives.
 Our Doctors gallants man and women in the battle front in the fight against Ebola. Sadly they don’t live to fight another day. Among the are …………
 1. Dr. Umar Khan
 2. Dr.. Modupe Cole
 3. Dr.Olivet Buck
 4. Dr. Sahr Rogers
 5. Dr, Godfrey George
 6. Dr. Martin Salla and yesterday
 Dr. Morlai Kargbo
 May their souls Rest in perfect peace. Our Nurses by far out weight this Number. So nurses are hiding from their duties.
 I know that the God of Moses and Elijah is not BEHIND US, He is infront of us so we cannot update him, he is always current  so our trust  is on him, He will bring it to pass (Reinhard Bonnke)
 3 of those Doctors happen to be my friends to day they are no more. Quarantine houses countine to go with food, we thank God for individuals and organization who continue to help with food. As people continue to stay home that is what they need food. Please pray that the good Lord will continue to provide so people will stay home to avoid contracting the disease. The sensitization and Awareness in the country is growing now as the president himself is moving around talking to them. Thank you for standing with us during this difficult period in our Nation
Stay Blessed
 Yatta Samura

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