Cry of help from Pastor Yatta Samura

In Pastor Yatta’s cry from Sierra Leone this past week he says he is tired of counting, tired of crying and tired of reporting the loss of precious lives.

He also writes, “we thank God for individuals and organization who continue to help with food. As people continue to stay home that is what they need – food.” Please pray that the good Lord will continue to provide so people will stay home to avoid contracting the disease. The sensitization and Awareness in the country is growing now as the president himself is moving around talking to them. Thank you for standing with us during this difficult period in our Nation.”

So for those of you wishing to donate to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone we can pass on your gifts direct to Pastor Yatta who is helping to distribute food in Freetown and beyond to all affected by the Ebola crisis. Donating is made simple via the donate button below.

With sincere thanks

Richard Bayfield (Chair of Trustees)


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