Ministry Update from Pastor Yatta

Dear Friends,
Paul says in Romans 10:1, that my prayer and heart desire for Israel is that it might be save.
So my prayer and heart desire for Sierra Leone is that it might be save, it might come out of
calamities, for Sierra Leone to rise again.For God to raise godly Leaders in this Nation.
Our THEME this year is” Challenge for Soul Winning” to bring people to Christ. As you know
70% of our populations are Muslims. But God has place before open doors for ministry in this
country for which we are grateful
THANKS …………..
Very grateful to God for the Re opening of the schools in the Ebola period. Many children
got pregnant during this period. the children stay home for over a year not going to school.
Thank God for the two school we have in kono …. even though the number of children in the
schools cut down most of the children whose parent where affected where not able to
come back to school. Some of the children change location during the Ebola epidemic and has
not come back to school.
I am also happy that this school year is also coming to an end as they are all taking their final
exams now. The school year was adjusted. The new school year start in January instead of September
22 children took the National Primary School Examination from St. Andrews – Meama, and about 40
in Mechette, all awaiting result. we pray for urge success. It’s a joy to see them going to secondary schools.
Thank God for the Church – In our last Senior Council meeting we put together activities plan for the year
2015/16. The mission is growing God is doing amazing things in our midst. God has also help to construct
a church in one village in Codema. Money was raise in the churches to buy cement and zink for the roofing
almost completed.
We are also grateful that EBOLA is coming to an End, Come Saturday 7th. Nov Sierra Leone
will be declare EBOLA FREE after 42 days with no new case. Everybody is looking forward to
that day. what a joyful day that will be.
19th. December Sports Life is organizing a very big Jog for Jesus, to bring people from Churches,
sports clubs, organizations, school to come and be part of the jogging, in raising the banner of Jesus

1. Sierra Leone experience last September heavy Flooding in this country, about 6 cities where affected.
several people died and thousands are now homeless. they are living at the National Stadium. Please
pray for wisdom for the Government it it Re Location Plan.
2.Pray that Ebola will finally come to an end in this country.
3.Please pray for the schools as the school year is short, only two terms instead of three. For the churches commitment to help the children.
4. Sports Life as we are starting the school program again after the declaration of the end of Ebola for open doors.
5. For God’s grace for the pastors even though things are difficult let the passion don’t die.
6. For Traveling mercies as we move up and down the road of Kono and Makeni
7. Pray for the Mission Team for Vision and Team work

Faithfully Submitted
Yatta Samura
General Overseer

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