CM3SL celebrates its 17th year

Dear All,
C3SL MISSION would be 17 years next month 6 September.  The Good Lord has brought us thus far and has done marvelous things in our midst.  Becaus of the Ebola crises in the country nothing was plan. But all the same we have decided to do a thanksgiving service down here in Freetown on the 13th.September. Pastor marcarthy will becoming down with some pastor from Kono andh he will be the preacher for the occasion.  We have planned three days Revival. On Sunday which is the 13th we would serve food to the congregation.  Celebrate in a low key. We hope next year few of you will join us. You are our partners and Church Family members.
Pastor marcarthy will be coming down with some pictures to send to you to update the website after the service I am going with him to Kono to take more pictures for reporting purposes and update.
Any assistance to the celebration will  be very much applicable. Please join us in prayers as we continue to plan and look aheadfor our next move.
Stay Blessed
Pst. AYatta Samura

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