Jog 4 Jesus

I am very excited to let you know that the Jog 4 Jesus program you were praying for was very successful.
15 years ago in 2001 we started Jog 4 Jesus. I tell you this is the biggest one ever. The turn out was fantastic, many churches, denomination, Sports clubs, organization communities turn out in their numbers.
It attracted many dignitaries pastors, lawyers, bishops, Government ministers and members of parliament it was shown on the national TV and the radio programs are still talking.
We printed 750 T-shirt and share it, we still encourage people to put on their church T-shirt because they where not enough. I have friends who contributed to the painting of the T-Shirt, publicity, PA System for the closing ceremony at the end point. 15 years ago the president now came to that first Jogging. It is gaining momentum every year it is growing.
This Jog is for all classes of people in regardless of age, color or Religion every body is invited. Many Muslims came to the jogging.
The purpose of this Jogging are three fold
1. To give people an opportunity to exercise. Because physical exercise profit little. So go for it.
2. To publicly proclaim the name of Jesus. The disciples went with Jesus  in to Jerusalem singing hosanna in the highest. We should not be ashamed.
3.  To celebrate the death and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Because He lives we can face tomorrow.IMG_20160326_080129

The start

Running through Freetown
Yatta taking a breather

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