[From Pastor Yatta on Christmas day]

We do had a good time yesterday with the children. We where able to feed 138 children far more than we expected because Children around the neighborhood keep coming. The children where very happy and excited . We went and played some games with them and they came eat, drink and dance. They stayed almost the whole day not wanting to go home. It was very emotional for .me. Thank you very much for your support. It was a clear sign yesterday that people are hungry in this country. Elderly people started coming from the neighborhood to ask for food. Thank you, thank you thank you. On behalf of our Team I say happy Christmas and a prosperous new 2017. May the good Lord bless you all


One thought on “Christmas meal for kids in Freetown

  1. Thanks to all who supported the African supper in the Autumn. Its quite humbling to see how much fun and food was provided by such a modest donation of £250.


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