January update and Prayer Requests

Since the New year started in January we have been Fasting and praying in believing God to help us grow our Ministry. For God to take us to another Level in our ministry.. I believe that prayer is the secret weapon in the Kingdom of God. It is like a missile that can be fired toward any spot on Earth and hit it target at anytime.In john.17:20 Jesus Prayed ‘I do not pray for these alone but also for those who will believe’. His prayer is answered every day somebody believe in Jesus. I see God moving us higher in 2017. Let me start by thanking you very much for those of you who by the grace of God has been PRAYING and SUPPORTING our Ministry.
Let me quickly say to you that the ministry is growing. I am happy and grateful to God for you, may the good Lord bless you and meet your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 2016 has been a year of Challenge. We face a lot of challenges but God has always been their by our side. Our theme then was ‘Standing on the Promises of God’ so we took God at his word. National Training school was started, we went through the Level 1 training which was the Foundational principles of our Christian Faith and graduated about 20 people – we would then move to Level 2 this year. I see the Training as the foundation for our Growth and stability. Already over 60 Student have registered for the Level 1 Training. Working on time to go up and stay there for that time of the training.
We had the opportunity this past year to bring together the Kono churches for Fellowship , Reports and posting. Some of our pastors are posted into a new location. It was a wonderful time together. We also had the opportunity to License 3 of our pastors in Freetown. The church in Freetown is facing a lot of challenges with their place of meeting which double as the Office of the mission. The house master want to increase the rent but we are on negotiation. We were paying $3000 but now want to increase it to $3,500. I pray and hope he will understand when we meet. Pastor Marcarthy was sick but thank God he has recovered, we also have some of our pastors that was sick and have to bring them down to Freetown for medication. It was really a challenge for all of us..
SPORTS LIFE MINISTRY.. God is taking us some where, the Spot Them Young program is spreading. We have already started in three Location. The Coaches are doing very well, their responsibility is not just to coach the sports but to coach their lives as well. So they are ‘Whole Life Coach’. We are also working in schools where God is opening a lot of doors for ministry. Our age bracket is 6- 12 primary school level and a follow up program is been set up for those who go to secondary schools. Every child in the program must be a school going child , now we are face with problem – many children that want to be part of the program their parents cannot afford to put in the school so the responsibility come back to us. We have put many in schools now we are over stretched. We are now trying to raise scholarship for them. I give lunch to 10 kids every morning, not to talk about books, bag, shoes etc. The other Challenge is the sporting equipment, any help in that direction will be appreciated. Ian Gill thank you for the box please let it keep coming every months.
JOG 4 JESUS… The Biggest ever this past year, more and more people keep getting interested to the Jogging and the proclamation of the Gospel.It is done on the Saturday for Easter Sunday. This year we are involving the school to be part of it. So we are expecting a bigger crowed. We had the opportunity to feed the children for Christmas. they where so happy and excited, after the feeding they dance almost the whole day singing and asking when again. It was very emotional I almost shed tears. They were happy and they appreciated it very much.
SCHOOL….. Sister Magrete continue with her school but St. Andrews has been given over to the Local Government to supports it. But we still try to maintain our influence in the school. Pastor Marcarthy and Safia Sesay has made themselves available to help with the school.. We are happy and lucky the pressure ha been shifted .

OUR THEME FOR 2017….. ‘GROWING TO SPIRITUAL MATURITY’ We have no option but to keep moving higher, like new born babies.
Above all we thang God for providing us Land in Freetown to build a Church and School. Even though it was very expensive the good Lord provided the funds. Church and School in Freetown is strategic for the growth of the ministry in Sierra Leone.

1. For more students to develop interest in going through the training and to equip them for service

2. For SPOT THEM YOUNG program to keep growing and attract financial supports for kits, equipment and stipend for coaches

3. Prayer answered the St. Andrews School is now with he government. Please pray that the christian influence will continue in the school and for the children to continue to do well in their exams.

4. For the Church in Freetown as we meet with the land lord for settlement. Also as we start the Building project this year for wisdom and funding. For the minister of Lands to sign our survey plan.

5. Pastor Marcarthy motorbike has been broken down we need a replacement as he supervise the work in Kono

6. For peaceful 2018 National Election. already tention within political parties. The peace in Sierra Leone is frigile this election has a lot to do..

Stay blessed
Yatta Samura

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