Sierra Leone is going through a very difficult phase at this moments after the National Election ( The country is still not steady. There has been a very serious problem in the Parliament where the majority party in Parliament where dragged out of Parliament by the Police. Negotiations are going on. Please pray for stability

20th Year Anniversary

As you know this year is our 20th. Celebration of the Sierra Leone Ministry. We are putting our mind together for celebration of how the good Lord has brought us thus far.

After 20 years we hope and pray the good Lord will provide us with a big lift in Freetown by providing us a building for school, Church, community Hall and offices. This is going to be a blessing for both the Ministry and the country.


  1. Please pray for sierra Leone and for the negotiations in Parliament to go through.
  2. For the Sierra Leone ministry to continue to make progress. To have a wonderful 20th year celebration.

Stay Blessed

Yatta Samura



Congratulations to Pastor Yatta on the Award of Outstanding Alumnus from the Evangelical College of Theology – April 2018

In the UK we are pleased to congratulate Pastor Yatta on his award from the Evangelical College of Theology which organizes a National Leadership Conference. Pastor Yatta was given the award from the 800 Pastors and Church Leaders who attended the conference. The award was given because of the progress of his ministry and his service to the Nation. In the UK we remember Pastor Yatta looking after Orphans back in 2001 during the Civil War, when the country was deemed unsafe. He set a high level of service at that time and it continues to the present day. This prestigious award is truly deserved by Pastor Yatta.

Richard Bayfield 11th May 2018

One thought on “NEWS FROM PASTOR YATTA MAY 2018

  1. I have put £100 for Yatta’s new church in the LSL account. Please claim GiftAid on the amount

    I would like to help him further when I can. Please confirm that the money arrives safely. stay bless Diana Snape


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