Ministry Update July 2018 from Pastor Yatta

Isaiah 43: 1-4. The Lord promise that he will be with us in whatever situation we go through. And thanks to you all in Oxford that are praying for us we feel encouraged. Sierra Leone has not been easy after the election things are really going down but our God remained faithful.
After the Election a lot of atrocity and killing are taking place. Political revenged. This is not good for Sierra Leone. The cost of basic commodities has gone up.
The Sierra Leone ministry is gradually growing. We are still supervising the school in Koidu. We try to keep our influence in the school to keep the Christian influence.

The Churches are doing very well. The churches in Kono has a combined service every other month to serve as encouragement into the smaller churches and to bring the churches together as one.

C3 Mssion is 20 years this year. A lot to thank God for. The God Lord has taken us this far. We are grateful to come across you on the journey and the assistance you have rendered us. Pastor Marcarthy and myself are grateful
We want to celebrate next year but in September this year we are planing a Thanksgiving together in Kono. Freetown will go to Kono. If any one of you can come it will be good to be part of it. We would value your support for transportation and feeding. Waiting for pastor Marcarthy to put the details together.
The mission is also planning to organize trainings for our pastors and Elders.
Sports Life. The work is schools is growing. We are training coaches to work with the school and establishing clubs in the school. We have gone to Kabala to start a new work Ibrahim Koroma is overseeing the work. Kabala is in the North of Sierra Leone. To start in August.
The mission is undertaking a big project which the mission is praying that it come to reality. The church project in Freetown which we see as strategic for the growth and stability of our mission.
Every week coaching in schools and communities are on going. The community coaching is growing as more and more children keep coming. More need for sporting equipments, balls and footwear.
We are grateful to God for many children in our churches were able to make it to university. Three graduated also from university this year and have got jobs.
Victoria Kadie Kamara. One child I started looking after since she was 1 yr old enter the Medical school this year to do medicine. I am very grateful to God. It is expensive but God is faithful. Thank you for your prayer support and assistance. We are grateful

Prayer Needs…..
1. Thank God for my daughter Kadie Kamara to be able to make it to the medical school.
2. Thank God for the new work starting in KABALA. For the feasibility study that is going now.
3. Thank God with us for 20 years of existence. And how far God has taken us.
4. Pray for for the thanks giving in September.
5. Pray for the church building project in Freetown on the way.
6. Pray for our on going coaching program in schools and communities.
7. Pray for the training of our pastors and elders as it commences in September for success.

Stay Blessed.

Yatta Samura

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