Due to cash shortages at the bank in Freetown, Pastor Yatta was unable to collect the money we sent in December for a Xmas meal. He managed to get the money in January – here’s how he described the day [sent via WhatsApp]

I am excited to update you on the feeding program which took place on the 10th. January 2021. The first time I shed tears when I see how excited and hungry the children are. We are to start at 3 p m. The children started coming at 11 a m. We cannot send them away we have to find something for them to eat and wait again for us to start at 3 p m.

In poor countries like Sierra Leone the children look forward to a feeding program of this nature. The feeding gives us a direct connection between the children and their families. People brought their children that were not part of the number and push them inside the gate. The number keep growing. We prepared for 100 we had 152. We have to get the cooks to cook a second time.

They were sure of one big meal and a take home pack. There is a Cry for food in this country. Children goes to school on a empty stomach. That is why some young girls ages 11 and 12years dropped out of school and are given into early marriage. Hunger is a nightmare.

I was able to raise more money to buy footballs, vest, footwear and also help with the payment of school fees for 12 vulnerable children that are part of our team. We don’t take any child that is not going to school to be part of our team. Their parents cannot afford so the lot fall on me to assist. You should have love to see the excitement on the faces of the children when they received their package.

In their package we put soap, face mask and hand sanitizer to prevent them from COVID 19 that has started growing again in Sierra Leone. We had an enjoyable time together. We played games and dance. They even dance until they reach home.

Thank you very much to you our donors for given us the opportunity to feed and serve this children. It is indeed a blessing to us. Thank you, Thank you

Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

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