Ministry Training in Kono

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

As I told you I am in Kono since last Friday. I came to do ministry training for pastors and Elders. I targeted 15, it has turn out to be 45. Pastors came from other churches. It is a blessing. I am teaching 4 subjects a day. I am doing 6 days in the week. I am grateful to God for the turnout and interest.

These are the people who went through the training in Kono. They came from the various branches of the church.
We also had Leadership meeting…. We discuss a whole lot of things among them is about starting a development project for the mission that will be of benefit to raise funds to support the mission. Talk is on going. We also had FUN time, to keep the training interesting

My budget went way up because I have to serve lunch. People are excited to learn.
Sorry for the pictures my phone is not that good

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