St Andrews School Meama

St Andrew’s school was started by Pastor Yatta with support from LSL in 2004 and was taken over by the Govt in 2016. Yatta visited the school last week and sent this update.

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

This is Meama the St.Andrew school. We are grateful to God the school is still on going. By the time I get there today school was already over. They took me around the school and church building. The church has badly damage by burglars so we want to Build another one. We have done almost one thousand blocks.. In the next two months we want to start the foundation. The local people are doing well to raise local support plus what they are getting from me. They are working very hard.

Also for future development we have been able to secure almost two acres of land from the new chief. We have to complete payment of about 800 pounds. We have by the grace of god be able to pay one thousand and three hundred pounds. We rsise the money from the Churches. We thank God we can do that. Thank you very much for your support and prayers.

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