Ministry update

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

We are very much grateful to God for you for remembering us in your prayers. Thank you.

  • IBRAHIM KAMARA and FODAY BANGURA are still not found so we believe that they perished in the fire accident at Wellington. We have gone to see the family to sympathise with them. It is a big loss for the family. We shall indeed miss them.
  • There is a lot of fire accident around Freetown taking place. We really don’t know what is happening. It need to stop. Many people are left displace almost every 2 days. We are believing God to stop it in Jesus name.
  • GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH MAMBO …. This is the new church we started in the extreme west of Freetown. The church is 4 months old and growing fast. Our attendance has gone up to 70 it is unbelievable and we are grateful to God. We are preparing 22 candidates for baptism. Myself and pastor Eddie have move to pastor it.
  • KONO CHURCH is doing well. The Leadership is growing and developing in their new role after we lost pastor McCarthy. I went and set up a senior council comprises of the 5 ordained pastors to be chaired by Rev. Benjamin Lebbie. I visit every other month. I value your prayers as I move up and down the road. Good report coming from Kono about is stability and growth.
  • SARAH, late pastor McCarthy’s wife values our prayer. The 3 boys are in the university and the girl Dianne is in school. We try to give her something every month. As I said the last time we want to do it once and for all. To give her seed money.
  • Political tension is building up in Sierra Leone as the General Election draws near. May it not result to something else that will bring mayhem to this nation.
  • Sports Life MINISTRY…. We are presently working with the national Amputee as they are in camp to participate in a tournament in Tanzania by the end of the month. Ibrahim and Baio visit them every morning for devotion. We try to give them hope and meaning to life. Every one of them have a story.
  • School and community coaching are ongoing. Our weekly activities with the schools and communities are going on well. Getting to know and love the kids is important above all is to point them to Jesus.. We really needs Equipments, like Balls, bibs, cones, etc. Whatever help we can get in that direction will be appreciated.


Please pray for the family of IBRAHIM and FODAY that lost their life’s in the fatal fire accident. They were bread winners in their family. Government promises are still yet to come by.

That the new church Grace Community will continue to grow in number. Our target is to go up to 100 by the end of the year.

For pastor Benjamin in Kono as he leads the team of leadership in kono

For SARAH McCarthy for God’s grace and provision for the family.

As we work with the Amputee for God to give them grace and hope. Above all for them to find Christ.

For God’s travelling mercies as I move up and the kono road. Too many accident take place on that road.

As we continue to work in the schools and communities. For God’s salvation grace and hope. For God to provide the Equipments we need.

Sierra Leone has gone through many difficulties… May peace and Democracy prevail . Come against any plan of the evil one in this nation.

Stay Blessed
Yalta Samura

The Amputees in camp. IBRAHIM is with them in green T-shirt

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