Pastor Yatta Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via email]

This two months has been a very busy time. Schools are on holiday so we are moving around with the children play competitions.  Our U 15 and U 10 respectively…

School Reopen at the end of September. Trying to get some school Items to help some of the children that their parents are finding it difficult to take care of them.

The churches were close for the 3rd. Wave of the coronavirus but has now reopen last week. People are refusing to take the vaccine

Just coming from a meeting in Kono. We are working in retaking the St. Andrews school in meama. It has become a government assisted school. We don’t want them to change the name. We are also working in doing some repairs in 3 classrooms.

Community coaching and clinics are going on every morning during this school holiday. Many children have registered. It is a fun time with the kids.

Thank you for the vehicle you help me to get. It is very useful. I go to Kono more regularly because I have to supervise the work in kono. I miss pastor marcarthy.

We are very much grateful to God. One of our teammates at sports life ministry won and became the 1st. Vice president of the Sierra Leone Football Association. It is wonderful.

 Guinea Conakry our neighbouring country has just yesterday remove their president from power because of corruption and poor condition of living. 
 Sierra Leone is worst than guinea. So I am afraid.

1. Please pray for Mrs. Sarah marcarthy and family. For god’s provision

2. Please pray for us to be able to take the school from government. Their is a very big plot of land given to the school. We don’t want to miss that as well for future development

 3. Our pastors are doing well. Please also remember their family as school reopen. This is one of the most difficult period for parents. School opening

 4. Pray for our brother to make the difference in the football association. 
He is  – Harold Nat Johnson

5. Please pray for people to come out and take the vaccine. To save Sierra Leone from coronavirus.

 6. We are having fun with the kids… As we share the gospel let them understand to receive Jesus as Lord.

7. Please pray for the the vehicle to keep performing well as it is very much serviceable.

Stay Blessed….
Yatta Samura

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