Ministry Update

I am grateful to God for what he is doing in the Sierra Leone MINISTRY. Let me on the behalf of my Team mates Thank you our Partners Love Sierra Leone . We are so much grateful for you prayers and financial support. If it has not been for your support many things would have gone the other way. WE SAY THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART. MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • We had 6 marriages this past 4 months. We as a church are happy to see the young people settling down. Our prayers is for the marriages to last. As the wind of divorce is blowing even in churches.
  • 45 people were baptized altogether within the Christian community churches. And has been received into membership.
  • Last FEBRUARY I travel with a team to both makeni and Kambai in the North of the country to look at the possibility of starting a new church and sports ministry. We had had open doors. The schools are ready to welcome the sports ministry. We are praying and hoping that we will move there one day.
  • The Church leadership in Kono are doing great they meet every month. Received report from them every other month. Rev. Benjamin Lebbie took over the leadership since the passing away of Rev. James Marcarthy.
  • Weekly school program is ongoing. We do games, fellowship prayers and testimonies. We are having testimonies from the Children as to how God answer their prayers.
  • Schools and community coaching is also ongoing. Our coaches are doing great. The children are excited. We do it as a clinics. Not just to play the sports but to know Jesus.
  • Beach Exercise… Every Saturdays and Sundays the beaches are full with every kind of people going to exercise. So we have been move to start a beach ministry. Exercise and prayer ministry at the beach. It is very exciting. We meet 7 – 9 A. M. We starred it for Christians but Muslims are coming in now so we open it.
  • The Ministry of Education has ask us (sports Life) to organised for them their inter primary school football tournament at the East end of Freetown. 28 schools has been put under our care. It is a big thing for the ministry. We pray for corporation from the schools. May the partnership continue to grow.
  • The New Church in Freetown… Grace Community Church (MAMBO) This pass week able to choose and Installed its first Eldership Team of 2 people. They have proven to be faithful, reliable and serviceable in the church.
  • We were also happy to have give the opportunity to work with our national Team before they left for the Africa Nation’s Cup. Too much problems in the team. We pray the relationship will continue. The Vice president is a member of sports Life ministry.

a. I was so very much disappointed when the Chelsea star came to Sierra Leone and they did not allow us to see him or talk with him. Despite all the contact we used. We hope we shall meet with him one day.

b. I was not able to attend this year conference ..International Sports Conference in America because I was not able to get date for visa interview. The conference was the 21st. February. The earliest date for visa in the Internet is 30th. March.

c. I lost my younger brother last February 5th. and has already been buried. It was a time of family reunion. He has three children. His wife is also late. Pray for the children in the university. Also IBRAHIM koroma our Sports Life Team mate lost his mother and has also been buried.


  1. For God to keep the new marriage couples going.
  2. For more bigger doors to open to go to Makeni and Kambai and start a ministry there. For the funds and man power.
  3. For the churches in Kono to continue growing and the leadership to be united and strong.
  4. For the Schools and community training and coaching programs to keep on keeping on.
  5. For the inter primary school competition going on now, for it to finish well and our partnership with the ministry of Education continue.
  6. Beach Exercise….. As more people come may they find Christ.
  7. For the new Eldership Team of the Grace Community Church to be more serviceable in the church.
  8. For our relationship and partnership with the Sierra Leone Football Association. SLFA to grow.

Yours faithfully
Rev Yatta Samura

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