[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]


Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone of another mother.
From the first day we meet you guys have never cease to show us love and for that we are grateful. “Jesus said to his disciples by this shall all men know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another” John. 13:35. Thank you for showing and teaching us love.

  • GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH – Mambo. This is the CHURCH we started last year in Freetown. We celebrate One year last Sunday. 12 July 2022. The average attendee of the CHURCH now is 72. 174 attended the celebration. It was wonderful we had fun and food.
  • The Vehicle is now on the Road from the garage in good condition. Thank you for helping to get it fix. Very useful.
  • School Coaching and Clinics. God is opening more doors for more school. It is going slow now because this will be the last month before school closes for this year. Please pray for their exam.
  • Football National Team… We still have open door to our national team in an unofficial capacity as chaplain. We pray with them and settle dispute among them. The Muslims are pushing their way. We had gain respect with the federation, coaches and players. It is a difficult job but graceful.
  • Beach Exercises… On Saturday morning the Lumley beach is always full. We work with a team of middle age man that goes Saturday for exercises. We provide Coach for them and pray with them even though many are Muslims.
  • We do COMMUNITY training and Clinics with kids in five communities. The number of the children growing. Our challenge is with equipment, bibs and footwear.
  • KONO CHURCH … It have been a while I have not be able to go as I was busy very much with training and GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH celebration. The leadership in kono are doing very well. I am getting feedback from them.. Sarah – Late pastor marcarthy wife is getting health challenge. I will give you more information when I get there next month.
  • CHURCH Feeding……
    Hunger is a pandemic in this country. We were able to raise funds to do some feeding in the CHURCH. It went well. We plan for 80 people and have 96 inside. We have to go close the gate people standing outside begging to come in. Looking at the seen where children are begging to come in makes me wept.


  • Our vision for this year for GRACE COMMUNITY CHURCH Mambo.
    • Train and raise local leadership
    • Raise the congregation to 200
    • Try to secure a land for the CHURCH building. 2.That we continues to have favour with the football federation in Sierra leone plus the coaches and players.
  • For God to provide us with sports equipment and used foot wear for children 4.To get more open doors to Muslims school
  • For God to keep the vehicle on the Road in good condition
  • We are doing a training in July for coaches and volunteers.. I am not sure of the number yet but shall be big. We want to provide breakfast and launch Plus materials. Pray for God to provide. … We need them of the school and COMMUNITY projects
    We are setting on a time boom. The prizes of good and commodities are going up rapidly. The petrol has gone up three times in the last three months. People are disgruntled. Election is next year. Pray for stability and peace.
  • Next month is exam month for schools. Teachers are on strikes it will affect the children greatly. Please pray for the negotiation to go well.

Your ‘s Faithfully
Yatta Samura

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