C3M Ministry Update

[From Yatta via WhatsApp]


I am grateful to God for my life and the ministry that the good Lord has made me an overseer here in Sierra Leone. My wife Victoria came two times this year to visit we had a wonderful time together.

The children God put under our care are doing well in their Education. At the moment we have. Saidu – finish university got married and now doing his masters degree. Fudia – She is finishing University next year. Kadie – She has just enter College of medicine . Looking for opportunity to get scholarship to pursue oversea. Brian- Finish University 3 years ago got married now looking for a job. At the moment we have. The most important thing is that they are following Jesus.

  1. Thank you very much for the sponsorship to attend the leadership training in Nairobi Kenya. It was a time well spent. I learnt a lot on leadership which I am now passing on to my teammates in Sierra Leone.
  2. SPORTS SEMINAR AWARENESS…….. We brought several people together to give the awearness of what SPORTS Life is doing and how they can get involve. We are now praying and waiting to see how they can come to us.
  3. SPORTS LIFE SENIORS….. We have a very senior players that meet once a week at the St. Edwards for playing football as way of keeping fit. They ‘re coming from all works of life, Banks, insurance and other Agencies they meet every Saturday. We pray and they play. But now we have introduced Bible Studies as a way of follow up.
  4. SCHOOLS… The coaching program in the SCHOOLS are ongoing. The coaches are working very hard but our challenge is transportation and more equipment
  5. JOG 4 JESUS …. IT is one of our biggest yearly program. For the past 2 years we have not be ble to do it because covid but this year it has been plan for the 10th. Dec. We just received police clearance. Grateful to God. We are trying to raise resources. We need T – Shirt, drinks water and bread. We are trying to6. cater for One Thousand people
  6. Youth Retreat…. A three days retreat was organised for grace community Youth fellowship. We he good turnout of bout 25. It was for the purpose of discipleship. If produce it desire result. They were encouraged, they now have confidence and above all it brought them closer to each other. It is been evidence in the church.
  7. Grace Community Church Youth celebrated their first thanks giving services. Which was well attended.
  8. Combine Service…. Freetown has their first Combine Service. It brought together Central and Grace. The tournament out was fantastic
  9. I am traveling to Kono on the 0th. Dec. to meet with the pastors, their families and the church membership. Next year we will 25 years so we are going to start planning. We pray and hope any of you will be able to come to be part of the celebration.
  10. Pastors Kids……… We are planning to do a feeding program for children in Kono this year including the pastors Kids.
  11. World Cup…. I look forward to England winning the World Cup as my first choice, Spain, France and Brazil. But I hope England wins. They have the players


  1. Pray for the awearness we have created… for them to come back to support the ministry.
  2. The Discipleship bible study for the SENIORS for growth and stbility in their faith.
  3. Please pray for scholarship for my daughter Kadie to study medicine oversea. No much equipment here.
  4. For the growth of our new church membership. Mambo
  5. As I go to Kono this festive season, for God to use me to encouraged them . More to provid financially and as we plan for our Silver Jubelee . 25 years celebration next NOVEMBER
  6. For the Kids feeding program this year both in Freetown and Kono
  7. JOG 4 JESUS… As we do it again this year. For it to create impact. For God to provide the necessary things we need. We have tax our self to make donation.
  8. The school coaching program is ongoing. For us to reach more school, for God to provide mor shipments transportation. Sometimes they don’t go because no money for transport. That is what we are trying to raise here

Yours faithfully

Pastor Yatta Samura

Youth Thanksgiving fund raising seminar
Leadership training in Nairobi
Combined Central and Grace service, with Victoria
Sports Life bible study

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