Easter meal for Ahkom pupils

[From David Sandi]

Schools closed yesterday for Easter break. Second term report cards were also prepared for distribution to students. Staff therefore thought it ideal to have the meal on this day as at least 98% of students would be attending. The meal was prepared for nursery and primary divisions numbering 255.

Parents were in attendance to pick up their children and report cards. There wasnt time for games this time round as most parents had urgent Easter preparations at hand. Nonetheless the children enjoyed themselves with the popular food of their choice –  joloff rice and additional non-food incentives. 

St Andrews School Meama

St Andrew’s school was started by Pastor Yatta with support from LSL in 2004 and was taken over by the Govt in 2016. Yatta visited the school last week and sent this update.

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

This is Meama the St.Andrew school. We are grateful to God the school is still on going. By the time I get there today school was already over. They took me around the school and church building. The church has badly damage by burglars so we want to Build another one. We have done almost one thousand blocks.. In the next two months we want to start the foundation. The local people are doing well to raise local support plus what they are getting from me. They are working very hard.

Also for future development we have been able to secure almost two acres of land from the new chief. We have to complete payment of about 800 pounds. We have by the grace of god be able to pay one thousand and three hundred pounds. We rsise the money from the Churches. We thank God we can do that. Thank you very much for your support and prayers.

C3M Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]


It has never seem to astonished me how fast a year can go by… 2020 went so fast and painful to the the world.
The saying is true “A day feels like a lifetime and a lifetime feels like a day.”
This is a time to allow us to reflect on what the good Lord has been doing for us in Sierra Leone in the past year and to look forward to what he is going to continue to do through us as we work faithfully with him.

Our Theme for 2020 was ” EXPECT THE BEST’ Is a. 43: 18 -19.


  • New members keep adding to the churches. All the branches add together disciple and baptized 36 New members.
  • Some of our members got employment in midst of this difficult time with coronvirus when everything is closed down. God provided for them.
  • We got 5 marriages and more on the way. Our youth are settling down. Making New families in the church.
  • Thank you very much for the vehicle you help us to get, very handy useful and serviceable. It is indeed a blessing to the ministry.
  • Some of our young people were able to make it to university. A very big achievement for the church.
  • In the midst of COVID 19 none of our members are touch. We are all safe by the grace of God even though I lost few friends outside of the church.
  • Starting a new congregation at MAMBO West of Freetown. A very big and New community that has a lot of potential for growth.We are doing effective outreach. God has provided the place a very big school hall. We are only working in paying the rent and buying few equipment to kick start the church. We are hoping to officially start in April or May.
  • The children we sent to school did very well in their promotional exam. We are grateful to God for them.
  • We indeed licensed and Ordained near pastors.
  • Our National Training School progressing both for Freetown and Kono. Since we cannot afford to send pastors to bible college at the moment. I am moving around with some other pastors form MISSION to help in the training. I will be in Kono next week for 2 weeks.
  • Children Feeding program… This is something the children are looking forward to every year. Thank you very much for the necessary provisions. This is bringing us and the community closer together.
  • The Church left the building….. When church meetings were stopped . The Church left the building but we were meeting on whatsapp and zoom. Those who don’t have android phone. We have to call them every day. Some still don’t have phone so we can’t reach them. We indeed have to keep in touch with our members. Thank God no one got missing.
  • Marriage couple Retreat… I am planning a marriage couple Retreat. To bring them together. To keep the marriages going. Too many divorce now in this country pray for the funds


  • SPORTS restrictions has again been lifted so we have started our school training program
  • Community Training is on going. God is opening new doors
  • We are still working with our national Teams and other SPORTS Disciplines. We are having bible studies and prayer meetings with them.
  • Accident… A whole team of 18 players and 6 officers got an accident lost 1 players and 3 officials. The rest are in critical condition. I called a prayer meeting for them and was well attended. I will pass by to see the team management when going to Kono next week. The FA is helping those in thee hospital. They value our prayers. FIFA has banned our national stadium because of poor facility. All of our International Matches will be played in Guinea close to us. Ebola has started in Guinea we pray it will not cross the boundary. When Coronvirus is devastating us already.


  • Pray for church growth. That the churches will continue to grow spiritually and in number.
  • For God to provide for the families that has made it to university.
  • For the church planting in MAMBO for the necessary to pay both the rent and the necessary equipment
  • The marriage retreat seminar….. for God to keep the marriages going. And to provide the funds for the seminar
  • For more open doors for our school program. And more volunteers. We are getting more that we can handle.
  • I will be in Kono next week for about 2 week for a wedding and pastors and leadership training. Pray for it effectiveness .The total cost 30 pounds a day that is the cheapest.
  • Our work with the National Team for wisdom and the right spirit and for the to understand who Jesus is them.

Thank you very much for you Partnership in the gospel from the first day until now. You have indeed share love to us and we are grateful Thank you.

Stay Blessed
Pastor Yatta Samura

Ahkom School perimeter

[From David via WhatsApp]

Please show those who contributed towards our rehabilitation where their monies went.

We completed the gap in the wall, the metal railings and added razor wire on top. Almost completed the gate. The important thing is the lockers and missing metal panels are now in place so it can now be shut from the inside. Newly beaten blocks to elevate the perimeter a bit more.

XMAS meal in Freetown

Due to cash shortages at the bank in Freetown, Pastor Yatta was unable to collect the money we sent in December for a Xmas meal. He managed to get the money in January – here’s how he described the day [sent via WhatsApp]

I am excited to update you on the feeding program which took place on the 10th. January 2021. The first time I shed tears when I see how excited and hungry the children are. We are to start at 3 p m. The children started coming at 11 a m. We cannot send them away we have to find something for them to eat and wait again for us to start at 3 p m.

In poor countries like Sierra Leone the children look forward to a feeding program of this nature. The feeding gives us a direct connection between the children and their families. People brought their children that were not part of the number and push them inside the gate. The number keep growing. We prepared for 100 we had 152. We have to get the cooks to cook a second time.

They were sure of one big meal and a take home pack. There is a Cry for food in this country. Children goes to school on a empty stomach. That is why some young girls ages 11 and 12years dropped out of school and are given into early marriage. Hunger is a nightmare.

I was able to raise more money to buy footballs, vest, footwear and also help with the payment of school fees for 12 vulnerable children that are part of our team. We don’t take any child that is not going to school to be part of our team. Their parents cannot afford so the lot fall on me to assist. You should have love to see the excitement on the faces of the children when they received their package.

In their package we put soap, face mask and hand sanitizer to prevent them from COVID 19 that has started growing again in Sierra Leone. We had an enjoyable time together. We played games and dance. They even dance until they reach home.

Thank you very much to you our donors for given us the opportunity to feed and serve this children. It is indeed a blessing to us. Thank you, Thank you

Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

XMAS meal in Kono

From David Sandi via WhatsApp

"Hello everyone. 402 children benefited from your generosity. They ate heartily, danced heartily and went home with gift bags. Merry Christmas all and God bless."

Thanks to your donations we were able to give £1000 towards a meal for school children in Koidu, Kono. David and his team organised a day of eating and celebrating and the pictures show how much the kids enjoyed it. The pictures are a bit low on sharpness, sorry. But you can still see the joy in the kids’ faces. Thank you for your support! We have also supported a Xmas meal for some more children in Freetown and Kono – pics coming when they’re available.

Update from David Sandi at Ahkom

Sierra Leone 

As we draw towards the close of 2020 Sierra Leone is looking up in its fight against covid-19. The country was recently designated by the UN as one of only four in Africa considered low risk for covid-19 infection. Various africa centric government and health agencies are visiting to study the country’s strategy. Nonetheless baseline convid-19 requirements of handwashing, social distancing, face masks remain in place.

AHKOM School

West African Senior Secondary Schools Examinations- WASSCE

Like last year, the country’s wassce results this year were very bad. Due in large part to continued stricter invigilation and marking. Only around 4.5% of candidates country wide received university requirement ie 5 credits including English and maths. No candidate in kono received the requirement though significant numbers received 5 credits and more with only with passes in either English or math or fail in both subjects. Ahkom did relatively well, far better than over 70% of schools nationwide, but no where near last year. Additional factors were disruptions caused by corona and constraints imposed by transition to government assisted status which banned fees, yet left us still without  a single teacher on government payroll voucher. How do they expect us to pay our teachers, carry out rehabilitation work etc? Our finances are tight but, as always, God willsee us through. One commentator remarked Ahkom must’ve been living by magic! New intake of teachers on government pay roll voucher, we hear, will happen only in February 2021.

RightToRead (RTR)

Progress in this sector is encouraging. The planned expansion to six schools is ongoing. Teachers of Junior secondary English in these new schools had this to say during their recent RTR induction training at Ahkom: ” [ We see RTR as] the best thing for rapid improvement in English language in schools”


Thanks to your continued assistance our scholarship pupils continue to thrive. Five years ago Rita (seen above with her daughter) was on the verge of despair when her sole helper (an expat charity worker) relocated to his country in the wake of the ebola outbreak. She had 3 wassce credits and passes in other subjects. Impressed by her determination the expat had promised to pay for her resit which is successful,  could gain her entry to university. Unfortunately this never happened. 

Rita came to our attention 2 years ago and you, our friends,  sponsored her child. I involved Rita herself in the computer department to learn computing then sit to the National Technical Certificate NCTVA exams. This certificate is equivalent to the academic HTC –  higher teachers certificate. Although I can waive her ahkom tuition fees; I cannot waive the fees of the national awarding body – NCTVA, coming to around £500 for the three year  NTC course. Which is why we have not yet been able to register her for the NCTVA program.

What’s most important for us at Ahkom, however is that,  like many other sponsored students and their significant others, we’ve got Rita and her daughter – Francess, smiling again.

Xmas school Feeding 

It’s a yearly tradition to provide a meal for the children each Christmas. But this Christmas is unlike others. We hope God will make it possible to continue the tradition. 


The tec voc administrator at Ahkom has been appointed by the national technical vocational education and training body, TVET, as the district coordinator for all tec vocs in the Kono district. This, in recognition of the cardinal role Ahkom has played developing tec voc training in the Kono district.


If my estimate for the roof work was a wassce subject taken solely by myself and marked by Richard Bayfield, I’d not only have come with a big “F”, but been horse whipped out of Sierra Leone by Norm and Diana. 

I totally left out the cost of gables, beams, lintels, pillars. And the iron rods/cement/sand etc used for same. I even left out the cost of the required 200 boards for the 6 class rooms because all I had on my mind was zinc. I’m sure I’d have got it right if our builder hadn’t gone to his village in response to an emergency call. On his return I proudly told him the estimate I’d provided to you. His expression? He may well have seen a ghost. 

It transpires we require 19 bundles of zinc for the 6 classes, costing around £1100. I’ve already  paid for 10 bundles.The carpenter estimated 200  2″ x 7″ full length boards coming to around £750. I’ve secured 100 for now.

Happy to say that work is ongoing-  we’ve even started on the remaining 3 classrooms. I know all will be well.

On a final note: Merry Christmas all and a happy New Year: 

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits……………..who heals all your diseases….”