Ministry Update from Yatta

I Write to update you of what God is using us to do in our Beloved country Sierra Leone.
1. EBOLA…. I am happy to let you know that what you have been joining us to pray About is now thing of the past..  The three countries SIERRA LEONE, GUINEA and LIBERIA has finally be declare Ebola Free.
We are free, people have started coming again, business are starting again. We say thank you LORD.  2. Our Theme for this year….  STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD. What you confuse you posses. Claiming and receiving what God has for you.  The promises of God are Yes in
In Christ.
3.  Church…… In December 21st.-23rd 2015 we had a pastors Repeat which give us opportunity to do a lot of reflection and planning for the mission. We also came up with 5 years VISION for the mission. We are hopping to concentrate in Freetown and the provincial headquarter Town.
* we have finally got a land for the freetown Church which we are all happy About. Very good place for church and school. This will indeed push us forward as a mission. It is two and half town lots. We need to complete the payment and do the papers. Five thousand pounds par town lots. We have paid the one and half.
* The 3 pastors in Freetown have been offercially license. We organise a big service and brought in pastors from the Evangelical Fellowship and the Pentecostal Fellowship to be part of it. We also brought in some pastors from kono.  In April we would be going to Kono to License the others.
*Koidu Town Church…….. The church is growing,  we had an Evangelistic Out reach which has brought in many new people in the church.  The problem we have now is  sitting.   We need more benches.
* The next problem is  toilet… The church does not have its own toilet. The church was using the toilet in the neighbourhood. After the EBOLA it will be risky to continue that way. We have to do it.
4. SCHOOL….. school reopen in January. Many of the children left the towns because of the EBOLA. Some have started returning. We had 10 children who took the NPSE.  National Primary School Examination. Nine pass with a clean marks for their schools of choice. We have been able to get a school for the one.
* many of the teachers have left the school because of salary. Government rate is 500 and we are paying 200. The only thing is for Government to take the school.
* It was so nice this Christmas to put smile in the faces of about 36 children in my neighbourhood. Children whose families cannot afford them. I brought some clothes for them, cook and took them to the Lakka beach. They are still thinking about that experience.
5. Sports Life…..  In December we did Jog 4
Jesus. This is the first time we did it in December. For the past two years all our Sport program came to a stand still. We are doing it again in march for Easter.
* we have started our school coaching again.  Sending coaches to the schools and communities
* we did leadership training for Sports Ministry workers and coaches.
* we had meetings with the Football Association. They are asking us to take the Champlain of Sports people higher. They want us to start travelling with the National Teams.
They saw what we are doing with the under age in the schools and Communities on the TV. They have provided us some new equipment for our programs. GOD is opening doors.
* The Football Association gave us some equipment for the school and Community programs.
*we are still working in bringing some other Sport ministry Angencies in our country. To come be part of what God is doing in Sierra Leone..
*We say a big thank you to Ian for His effort of collecting and sending those boxes for us. Many people have been bless. Most of them goes to Kono where they are most needed. I join every body to say thank you.

1. For the school to be taken over by the govt. Long over due
2.For the land space in freetown to be a reality.  Complete payment and paper work.
3. The benches and toilets for the Koidu town Church.
4. For God to open more doors for Sports Life.
5. For more COMMITMENT and spiritual growth for our pastors.
6. For God to bring more supporters “into Love Sierra Leone UK
7. For the school to be taken over by the govt.

Faithfully Submitted
Yatta Samura

Ahkom School Update

Hello All.

Yes it has been a busy few weeks in Sierra Leone preparing the groundwork for the Right To Read project; commencing urgent rehabilitation work at Ahkom school; meeting school and ancillary staff; preparing to commence nursery and primary class 1; fighting off a determined ill motivated malaria-like flu; trying to persuade a suspicious Rover, my loving ageing dog, to subject its fleece to a good dose of anti-mite powder: but as God always wills we all live to fight another day.

The much needed school toilet extension is under way – the existing 3 were just too few to accommodate staff and M/F pupils. We’re adding a further 3. With the tec voc and primary moving in shortly we shall require additional toilets. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

The £310 helped towards 3 of the required 6 double metal doors which cost around le800,000 apiece. That’s about £110 because the bank transfers change at a rate of about £1 to le7,000 – 7,100. Most other outlets change from 7,800 – 8,000/ £1. I actually lost £300 worth of possible in come from the RTR money which knocked holes in my budget calculations, (but nothing I can’t deal with), because the exchange rate was so low. Yet I suppose that’s a price worth paying for a good service.

We actually left with 3 doors and 6 windows to find. The window openings are 4 glass sizes which cost around Le400,000 each. The total required to round off doors and windows will be around £500 + including window panes, winches, putty, workmanship etc. But its worth it.

We’re currently paying through our nose for 2 rented structures in town when we have our own structure standing there waiting to be utilised. That rent money can be put to so many other uses.

I still appeal to anyone who has anyone to help us get our perimeter fence in place. You remember the song: I have a friend who has friends by the river; we too have friends who have friends by the road? Well if you even have some Martian friends out in space please put our plight to them. The Ahkom land is almost 2 acres in size and at current prices will require around £2,900 – £3,000 to get pillars in place, start ground cementing and (can’t remember the other names – we’ll have to get Richard to tell us what the remaining procedures are called!)

On my return I discovered 2 hopeful land grabbers had begun laying house foundations towards the further reaches within our school land. They’d vociferously contended it was theirs and were ready to engage in fisticuffs if necessary to defend their encroachment. Now at Ahkom we make peace not war; so my staff, (creditably endowed with more brain than brawn unlike their hefty pump iron aggressors), took the sensible option to follow the law and bombard the arthritic local chiefdom administration with complaints which brought about a stay of any furthering of the illegal construction activity. I have since, on my return, managed to kick the encroachers into touch.

Sheep and goats indiscriminately released onto the land have put paid to most of the decorative plants, procured at a good cost, we’d battled to plant during the last rains. Zinc is missing from the roof of the big cement structure built previous to the tec voc one; there are cracked window panes on our temporary admin block and the main building (probably kids playing football or throwing stones on the premises); thrash and graffiti and a host of other things an unsmiling perimeter fence would prevent!

God bless


Freight on its way to Freetown

freight 3On Monday this week, I took a car load of stuff to freight out to Sierra Leone. It included medical supplies, a laptop, printer,freight 1 toys, school books, clothes etc, all donated by friends, including my college, St. Clare’s Oxford and St. Bartholomew’s Church in Yarnton. It should arrive in February, where it can then be distributed to those in greatest need.

freight 4

Richard Bayfield’s Christmas letter December 2015

It’s the time of the year for Christmas cards, for parties, for presents and for reflection.

For 14 years I have been working with some modest education projects in Sierra Leone, initially through my local church and more recently as a Trustee of an independent charity ( Over the years we have established a junior school in Koidu (the setting of the film blood diamond which portrayed the inhuman behaviour of the “so called” child soldiers during the civil war). We have also supported some churches, a senior school and have received excellent feedback from the local community about the value of this support. More recently the community has been hard hit by the ebola crisis. It hardly seems fair that ebola should arise as the rebuilding after the civil war was beginning to gain traction.

We are now piloting a “right to read” project in Sierra Leone which has had significant success in India amongst a population with similar demographics (i.e. the poorest in the world, typically living on a dollar a day with over 90% illiteracy and unemployment).

We are targeting the crowded classrooms with up to 60 children per class, no teaching aids apart from a blackboard, under-trained teachers, and lack of textbooks so the whole class shares just a few copies. We are partnering with English Helper to introduce a technology-enabled solution to help 100 students with English proficiency (the national school curriculum is in English). Our programme will run from January to August 2016 at Ahkom School and Vocational Centre. We need £8,000 by January to fund the initial tranche of work.

If you can make a donation click here: Whatever the size it will be hugely appreciated. I have put my Christmas card fund into supporting this initiative and so you will have to have my Christmas wishes via this message!

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2016!


Hi from Sierra Leone

Hello all. Its been quite a hectic 3 weeks out here with the festive season and the euphoria over the declared end of the ebola outbreak. The scars of that outbreak are still evident.

With its 2 million or so population you’d always expect Freetown to be busy. So too the 3 provincial cities of Makeni, Bo and Kenema which also have relatively high populations and are effectively microcosms of Freetown. Nevertheless despite the veneer of business as usual in the aforesaid localities the complaint of financial hardship is universal.
In far flung provincial districts like Kono, Kailuhun, kabala etc the story is different. Economically challenged even before ebola and when Sierra Leone was recording two figure percentage development indices, (albeit almost entirely arising from the four main cities), the story remains bleak.
In Kono the situation is compounded by the fact that Octea Mining, the main employer, seems to have lost its way. Management  has been at loggerheads with Koidu City Council the past two years both for non-performance of corporate social responsibility and continued non-payment of long overdue City Council taxes and rates. Interestingly the ebola ravaged government, (once champion of Octea), also appears at odds with the company for non-payment of government taxes leading, I hear, to a major falling out between the erstwhile two friends.
The economic situation in Kono remains dire: all around you see desperate faces. On every street corner the skeleton frame of Hardship in its tattered grey garbs sits playing repeated games of draugth telling its dreary jokes. Around it and under a still hot sun tired flies threaten suicide by flying blind through miniature dust clouds raised by the hot winds and crashing headlong into anything beyond them. To add insult to injury, Octea is busy making some of its few remaining employees redundant –  without benefits! Another source of serious of contention I met on the ground.
But all is not bleak: work on the renowned killer trunk road from Matotoka to Kono is going at good pace; electricity supply of sorts has been established in Koidu and slowly expanding. The township road works however are still slow going –  over 6 years for a project initially estimated to take 15 or so months. As a result the first thing I received when I opened my mouth to say hi on arrival in Koidu was a mouthful of dust! But at least it was home dust.
Challenges of pupil registration which we’d hoped to overcome this January at Ahkom may not be pushed away so easily after all. As the local economy, also ravaged by ebola, continues to shrink and businesses are finding it hard to find customers, the unemployed have risen sharply. Government has decided to extend free schooling in government and assisted schools for another year which adds serious pressure on enrollment  in community and private schools. Particularly in impoverished districts like Kono. The funny thing, as my teachers and some pupils were telling me, is that the throngs who forced by poverty reluctantly registered for free tuition in the fee subsidized schools now complain they are not receiving adequate tuition. Indeed, a good number continue to copy notes from remaining Ahkom pupils and are asking their former Ahkom teachers for extra classes.
But as I mentioned earlier, all is not doom and gloom: the people of the district continue to show a remarkable resilience. Many hope the improving infrastructure will mean more inward investment leading to increased employment and available liquidity. Ahkom will also be enrolling some nursery 1 and  primary 1 year pupils to commence its long stated plan to create a feeder school for the Junior and Secondary Sectors. The Right to Read project also commences at Ahkom this January.
I hope on arrival in Kono tomorrow the funds to make some of the tech voc windows would have arrived; installation of which I personally wish to oversee. In Kono we shall also deliberate on ways and means to procure steel doors, school furniture and undertake some initial much needed classroom and compound rehabilitation.
I have been told by the school admin the Paramount Chief has donated 10 bags of cement as his own contribution to our development efforts: I will visit and thank him profusely for his gesture. Half a bread is better than none. I may also ask if he didn’t perchance have any extra bags tucked away in his store that he wouldn’t miss: nothing ventures, nothing gains!
On this wonderfully optimistic note, and as the early morning harmattan wind rattles the zinc pan on my poor roof making my heart skip several beats, I take my leave of you for now but not without thanking once again all of you who have been helping us out over the years. May God bless you much for doing so.
Please inform everyone that we are still open to any contributions: we welcome additional learning materials for the nursery and primary pupils and any assistance to improve on the pupils toilets, construct a school water well and put up the much needed perimeter fence. Any support for our teachers or individual pupils is also most welcomed. Until our bank account is activated, Love Sierra Leone has been kindly receiving donations on our behalf.
God bless
David Sandi

Ministry Update from Pastor Yatta

Dear Friends,
Paul says in Romans 10:1, that my prayer and heart desire for Israel is that it might be save.
So my prayer and heart desire for Sierra Leone is that it might be save, it might come out of
calamities, for Sierra Leone to rise again.For God to raise godly Leaders in this Nation.
Our THEME this year is” Challenge for Soul Winning” to bring people to Christ. As you know
70% of our populations are Muslims. But God has place before open doors for ministry in this
country for which we are grateful
THANKS …………..
Very grateful to God for the Re opening of the schools in the Ebola period. Many children
got pregnant during this period. the children stay home for over a year not going to school.
Thank God for the two school we have in kono …. even though the number of children in the
schools cut down most of the children whose parent where affected where not able to
come back to school. Some of the children change location during the Ebola epidemic and has
not come back to school.
I am also happy that this school year is also coming to an end as they are all taking their final
exams now. The school year was adjusted. The new school year start in January instead of September
22 children took the National Primary School Examination from St. Andrews – Meama, and about 40
in Mechette, all awaiting result. we pray for urge success. It’s a joy to see them going to secondary schools.
Thank God for the Church – In our last Senior Council meeting we put together activities plan for the year
2015/16. The mission is growing God is doing amazing things in our midst. God has also help to construct
a church in one village in Codema. Money was raise in the churches to buy cement and zink for the roofing
almost completed.
We are also grateful that EBOLA is coming to an End, Come Saturday 7th. Nov Sierra Leone
will be declare EBOLA FREE after 42 days with no new case. Everybody is looking forward to
that day. what a joyful day that will be.
19th. December Sports Life is organizing a very big Jog for Jesus, to bring people from Churches,
sports clubs, organizations, school to come and be part of the jogging, in raising the banner of Jesus

1. Sierra Leone experience last September heavy Flooding in this country, about 6 cities where affected.
several people died and thousands are now homeless. they are living at the National Stadium. Please
pray for wisdom for the Government it it Re Location Plan.
2.Pray that Ebola will finally come to an end in this country.
3.Please pray for the schools as the school year is short, only two terms instead of three. For the churches commitment to help the children.
4. Sports Life as we are starting the school program again after the declaration of the end of Ebola for open doors.
5. For God’s grace for the pastors even though things are difficult let the passion don’t die.
6. For Traveling mercies as we move up and down the road of Kono and Makeni
7. Pray for the Mission Team for Vision and Team work

Faithfully Submitted
Yatta Samura
General Overseer

CM3SL celebrates its 17th year

Dear All,
C3SL MISSION would be 17 years next month 6 September.  The Good Lord has brought us thus far and has done marvelous things in our midst.  Becaus of the Ebola crises in the country nothing was plan. But all the same we have decided to do a thanksgiving service down here in Freetown on the 13th.September. Pastor marcarthy will becoming down with some pastor from Kono andh he will be the preacher for the occasion.  We have planned three days Revival. On Sunday which is the 13th we would serve food to the congregation.  Celebrate in a low key. We hope next year few of you will join us. You are our partners and Church Family members.
Pastor marcarthy will be coming down with some pictures to send to you to update the website after the service I am going with him to Kono to take more pictures for reporting purposes and update.
Any assistance to the celebration will  be very much applicable. Please join us in prayers as we continue to plan and look aheadfor our next move.
Stay Blessed
Pst. AYatta Samura