New Confirm cases

Ministry of Health today announce 53 new confirm cases. Doctors in
sierra Leone are working to start their own clinic trial using the blood of
the Ebola survivors to speed up the search for a cure for the disease which
has so far kill more than 5,000 people from West Africa. The trial is organize
by a global group of sierra Leone medics. Over 200 survivors has registered
that are ready and willing to donate their blood – They are hopping to receive
equipment from an American medical devices firm. Scientist believe that the
antibodies in the blood of people who have recovery from the disease will help
other patient fight the infection. The founder of the group Ahmed Tejan Sie a clinical
assistance professor in the University of North Carolina said volunteers donors
will be screened for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis and other decease that will exclude them
from the trial. This trial will take place at Hastings near Freetown at the Ebola treatment center.
 Felix one of the 165 cuban who came to help fight the Ebola has been diagnose
to be positive and will be sent to Genever for treatment , we pray that the good
Lord Heal him. The Netherlands are here to support the fight against Ebola. Germany Lufthasa airlines on behalf of the German government is transforming
one of their A340 air plane into an Air Ambulance  to airlift patients from West
Africa Many things going on at this time. what works we don’t know.
Please pray…………..
1. That the new confirm cases reduce daily.
 2. That the Sierra Leone Doctors research yield divined
 3. Thank for for the Air Ambulance – it shall be very useful as most of our roads are not good.
 4. The Cuban that has been affected that God to heal him.
 5. For God to stop this decease in the entire region.
 Stay Blessed
 Yatta Samura

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