Dear Friends,
 I began to see that what is happening in Sierra Leone is spiritual. We have overtaken both Guinea and Liberia by far – Also they have been able to put the virus control. While new cases keep coming up everyday in Sierra Leone. Over 8000 people have been affected with the virus in Sierra Leone since the outbreak and many have died that have not been reported. The WHO said in a statement on Wednesday that over 11 days in Kone East of the country – Two burial teams have buried 87 bodies including a nurse an ambulance driver and a janitor drafted into removing bodies as they pile up. As we all know that bodies of Ebola victims are highly infectious and safe burial are crucial in preventing the transmission of the disease. The response Team also found 25 people who have died in the past 5 days pile in cordoned section of the local hospital.
 Doctors, Nurses, Burial Teams and Lab technicians  are all exhausted and some times run out of resources. Kono have about 400.000 people  and have reported 119 cases up to 9th Dec. it is alarming.
 The Government have decided to put Kono District on ”Lock Down” from 10th – 23re Dec.to try and contain the out break of the disease. During this time no one is allowed to go in and out of Kono. Our heart is there with our pastors and teams
 New cases keep coming up in Freetown, Urban and Rural, Potloko, and Makeni. We are praying and hopping that Government will take necessary steps that will free Sierra Leone from this deadly virus that will return the country to normalcy. Thank you for your continue supports.
 School have still not been open because of the virus. some parent have to hire teachers to help their children at home even that is risky. In all of it i know God is still in control as we go through this Storm.
  1. Pray specifically for Kono the diamond area that where badly affected by the rebel war. That this Virus war come under control in their district.
  2. That God provide for the lock Down that they will be able to have food
  3.For the Health workers.
  4. For parent to know what to do with their children at this time – some have got pregnant.
  5. pary for the churches to continue to stand together and to have a voice.
 Stay Blessed
 Yatta Samura

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