Flood update from Yatta

From Pastor Yatta Samura, Freetown, Sierra Leone

On Monday morning Sierra Leone is awaken up again to a news of devastated and deadly mudslide. Like the Rebel War and the Ebola epidemic. This is the worse this country has suffered in recent history. It has been reported over 400 bodies discovered at the moment.

I am impressed by the response, empathy and compassion shown by everyone near and far. I went to go out at 6.00 am Monday morning but the rain was heavy so I decided to stay indoors when I started getting phone calls from relatives and friends. Big houses came down flat to the ground. Our emergency services prove inadequate. I saw people digging out corpses several hours after the disaster. No tools no stretchers nor machines. The Red Cross has estimated over 600 people still not discovered, they are covered underground. People are identifying corpses at the hospital for burial Government has declared 7 days of mourning for the whole country. There is an Urgent need to provide healing, Relief and Support for the Survivors.

I have friends and relatives affected. Some are homeless, some without Food and Clothes, they lost everything. Many Children again that have lost their parents. Thank God, no news yet of any of my church members. Please pray for Sierra Leone we need your prayers and support at this time. Thanks for your interest and concerns.

Stay Blessed

Pastor Yatta Samura


Our charity has a special appeal at https://lovesierraleone.org. All help will go directly to those we know and work with.

PS: The pictures above show some of the devastation. Yatta sent other pictures including some of people searching through piles of bodies looking for loved ones. Heartbreaking!!!

One thought on “Flood update from Yatta

  1. A truly horrific disaster and quite profound that we have someone on the scene in Pastor Yatta to provide information and pass on aid direct to those in need. We raised over £1,000 yesterday and however much you donate will go direct to those in Sierra Leone who need help now.


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