Don Bosco camp for flood victims

From Pastor Yatta Whatsapp 7 Sept:

This is the camp of DON BOSCO run by the Catholics where a lot of children and woman are taken. We choose them to do the presentation. They have a bit over 300 inmates. We did the presentation and we where taken around to see the camp. They pitched 7 big tents. They try to feed then 3 times a day. I tell you it is a big work.

Note from editor: Yatta used some of the money we sent him to buy supplies which he gave to the Don Bosco camp.


A Survivor. Alone.

From Pastor Yatta, Sept 7th

This Lady on the Black and White was taken away by the flood and was rescued at Lumley beach unconscious. We spoke and prayed with her, she lost her two children, husband and her parent she is the only survivor. We have to give her a special gift.

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Prayers for Sierra Leone

Sunday 3rd Sept from Pastor Yatta Samura

Sierra Leone is at a CROSS ROAD and too many things are going on.

The flooding is still fresh in the minds of the people. Many people are still not able to find their missing family or relatives. The Rain is still coming very heavily.

Last week more rain took place, that’s also killing people. Last Night it was the same problem. Two children died in my community and we have been able to find the bodies this evening.

Please pray that the Lord stop this rain, as this is supposed to be the last month of the rainy season.

The presidential and parliamentary Election is around the corner and this has the potential to affect the fragile Peace we have in this country. The tension is mounting very high.

Pray that the Lord gives us the right leaders and a peaceful Election.

Government is working in removing people from the slums where the effect is always taking place. Trying to provide affordable housing for them.

Pray for the funding and partners to make it a reality.

I went this week to Don Bosco where many of the flood victims’ children are kept, it was pathetic to see. I presented food items to them and pray for them. I am trying to start a ministry with them. We are not allowed to take pictures of them to send out.

Pray that’s God use me to be a blessing to them.

Pray for sports life in December we are planning a youth Camp for over 400. We want children to come from all around the country with special reference to the flood victims.

Pray for God to help us with the funding and volunteers.

Again, I say a BIG THANK YOU for the assistance you have provided thus far to help with the problem that has be fall this our beloved Nation Sierra Leone. God will move us forward. Jesus is the Answer for Sierra Leone.

Stay Blessed

Yatta Samura

Thanks from Ya Bundu community

From Yatta

I write to say THANK YOU for standing by us at a difficult time like this in Sierra Leone. The money you sent we received and have represented you in one of the slum that was affected by the flooding.

Ya Bundu community was badly affected and up to this time have been neglected. When we made contact with those in charge they directed us to go there. We bought bought some food Items, Clothes, water and we also took cash and presented to them as a community.

The community ask me to say thank you on there behalf. May the good Lord bless you and Replenish you mightily.

Video of Yatta with community leaders

Flood update from Yatta

From Pastor Yatta Samura, Freetown, Sierra Leone

On Monday morning Sierra Leone is awaken up again to a news of devastated and deadly mudslide. Like the Rebel War and the Ebola epidemic. This is the worse this country has suffered in recent history. It has been reported over 400 bodies discovered at the moment.

I am impressed by the response, empathy and compassion shown by everyone near and far. I went to go out at 6.00 am Monday morning but the rain was heavy so I decided to stay indoors when I started getting phone calls from relatives and friends. Big houses came down flat to the ground. Our emergency services prove inadequate. I saw people digging out corpses several hours after the disaster. No tools no stretchers nor machines. The Red Cross has estimated over 600 people still not discovered, they are covered underground. People are identifying corpses at the hospital for burial Government has declared 7 days of mourning for the whole country. There is an Urgent need to provide healing, Relief and Support for the Survivors.

I have friends and relatives affected. Some are homeless, some without Food and Clothes, they lost everything. Many Children again that have lost their parents. Thank God, no news yet of any of my church members. Please pray for Sierra Leone we need your prayers and support at this time. Thanks for your interest and concerns.

Stay Blessed

Pastor Yatta Samura


Our charity has a special appeal at All help will go directly to those we know and work with.

PS: The pictures above show some of the devastation. Yatta sent other pictures including some of people searching through piles of bodies looking for loved ones. Heartbreaking!!!

Emergency Appeal August 2017


The rains in Sierra Leone have turned into a disaster. Whole houses have been washed away, belongings gone, families split up. One family we know are still looking for their young daughter. The boy in the photo, called Hassan Bangura, has only the clothes he is wearing and is being looked after by Alfred. Our charity has a special appeal at All help will go directly to those we know and work with.”