Thanks from Ya Bundu community

From Yatta

I write to say THANK YOU for standing by us at a difficult time like this in Sierra Leone. The money you sent we received and have represented you in one of the slum that was affected by the flooding.

Ya Bundu community was badly affected and up to this time have been neglected. When we made contact with those in charge they directed us to go there. We bought bought some food Items, Clothes, water and we also took cash and presented to them as a community.

The community ask me to say thank you on there behalf. May the good Lord bless you and Replenish you mightily.

Video of Yatta with community leaders

One thought on “Thanks from Ya Bundu community

  1. The video shows some of our donations being passed to community leaders which is good to see. I know many potential donors are worried about corruption in Africa and donations being “lost”. So its good to see funds being swiftly transmitted to the point of need.


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