Prayers for Sierra Leone

Sunday 3rd Sept from Pastor Yatta Samura

Sierra Leone is at a CROSS ROAD and too many things are going on.

The flooding is still fresh in the minds of the people. Many people are still not able to find their missing family or relatives. The Rain is still coming very heavily.

Last week more rain took place, that’s also killing people. Last Night it was the same problem. Two children died in my community and we have been able to find the bodies this evening.

Please pray that the Lord stop this rain, as this is supposed to be the last month of the rainy season.

The presidential and parliamentary Election is around the corner and this has the potential to affect the fragile Peace we have in this country. The tension is mounting very high.

Pray that the Lord gives us the right leaders and a peaceful Election.

Government is working in removing people from the slums where the effect is always taking place. Trying to provide affordable housing for them.

Pray for the funding and partners to make it a reality.

I went this week to Don Bosco where many of the flood victims’ children are kept, it was pathetic to see. I presented food items to them and pray for them. I am trying to start a ministry with them. We are not allowed to take pictures of them to send out.

Pray that’s God use me to be a blessing to them.

Pray for sports life in December we are planning a youth Camp for over 400. We want children to come from all around the country with special reference to the flood victims.

Pray for God to help us with the funding and volunteers.

Again, I say a BIG THANK YOU for the assistance you have provided thus far to help with the problem that has be fall this our beloved Nation Sierra Leone. God will move us forward. Jesus is the Answer for Sierra Leone.

Stay Blessed

Yatta Samura

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