[From Pastor Yatta Samura via WhatsApp]

With a grateful heart I am sending you this update…

“What would I do without you in my Life”
“For all you do, for who you are, I will be forever grateful you are in our Life and ministry.

“Just saying thank you as I will never repay your kindness, you are indeed a blessing at the right time”

What we are doing here in Sierra Leone Reaching and Touching lives we would never have been able to do it without your partnership . You have been our partners from the first day I meet you until now..
In 2019 by the grace of God we have been able to accomplish a lot both in the Church and the Sports Ministry.
• We break new grounds
• We open new doors and create new opportunities
• We do Trainings
• We work in schools and communities
• We help children go to school
• We did feeding programs both in church and COMMUNITY
• We attended international Conferences. I went to the State, Baio and Emmanuel to Indonesia and Agnes to Ghana. Ther are a learning and refreshing times for us.
• We celebrated our 21st. Church anniversary nd was well attended. We listen and were blessed with the update report of every church. We ha had a good fellowship. We were also able to buy a moto bike for our Evangelist. We were all happy.

We just finish this year 2019 Inter Churches Football Tournament. 15 Churches Participated. The Final was played between National Pentecostal and St. Edwards Parish. 2 – 1 National Pentecostal. The purpose of the tournament is
1. Evangelism
2.Fellowship and
3. Partnership

1. We want to do this year Feeding program for the kids to back it up with an Outing. Which they are looking forward to. Date January 1
2. We have started 2 New churches both in Kono and Freetown Jui. For growth and grace.
3. One of our pastor has gone to bible college for provision
4. For God to enlarge our Vision
5. More schools to open to our programs

Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura

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