Greetings from Sierra Leone,

A lot has happened in Sierra Leone and in the World in just 3 months.
In January I said a big thank you, on behalf of the children, for providing Christmas meals and gifts. I wrote that you were putting smiles in the face of the children. Many of them were coming from Muslim homes and are struggling to survive. This Christmas feeding program is a big blessing to them. They look forward to it every year.
In March I wrote that our world is going through challenging times right now. Challenges makes life interesting but overcoming them is what makes lives more meaningful. We in Sierra Leone are grateful at the moment with no Coronavirus cases yet. We are praying Psalm 91 for you all, our friends, brothers, and partners. We met yesterday to pray for the outbreak in the World especially, Oxford. May the good Lord continue to protect you guys and the Oxford church family.

Now in April Pastor Yatta writes that everybody is in fear because the Ebola crises is still first in our minds. We have had our first cases of Coronavirus and so we are now in a lockdown. However, more people will die of hunger than the virus. I value and thank you very much for prayers and concern. This small virus has brought everybody to their knees strong or weak nations alike. we are in a state of emergency and under a curfew order. Every day we are reading and having a quiet time to think and pray.

In Freetown we live closely together which makes it difficult to stop the virus spreading. We are working now to buy buckets to encourage hand washing and some sanitiser to help stop the spread of the virus, so we can come out of it quickly. Please help us to buy these items. Thank you very much.
Stay bless and please read Psalm 91. Let it be your prayer.

Pastor Yatta Samura

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