[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

Greetings from SIERRA LEONE……

We cannot thank you enough for the great assistance you gave to help fight the Coronavirus COVID 19 . Since we recorded the first case a month ago the number of confirmed cases keep going higher and higher. Up to date we have recorded about 400 confirmed cases, 18 death and the contact tracing is growing rapidly. Government can’t do this alone so our contribution as civil society are really appreciated. There was no washing hand bucket in our community I have put around 20. Put people to monitor them.

You really gave us an opportunity to serve our people by making the necessary provision for them. With coronavirus protective kits and food stuff.

The Country is locked down………
1. There is State of Emergency for one year that mix with politics
2.There is also Curfew Order 9 p m – 6 a m. Everyday.
3. We are also on a district lockdown. Restricted movement
4. We are Also observing Social Distance

So what we did for the distribution……..
We gave money to our Pastors and Team Mate to buy the necessary Equipment and food stuff to serve their community. They bought Bucket, soap , Towels, Masks and food stuff to distribute in their community. We have shared over 1000 mask in our community and force them to put it on…. to avoid being effected.

In this distribution I realized that the people are hungry… Government don’t have money to pay salaries so people are lockdown without food. I am in trouble now when we gave food to the people they still keep coming to me to ask for more.

We gave a Family of 5 a bag of rice and some money when I heard of their situation, for a whole week they went without food they have to go to neighbour to beg the man was ashamed and start crying. They bless us, I have sent the blessing to you the provider.

Pastor Marcarthy is grateful, he decided to go to a village in kono where the message of COVID 19 has not reach yet. He gave the message on how to keep safe. He provided the Equipment and food stuff for them…. Some of our Pastors and Team Mate don’t have good phones to take good pictures.

Sierra Leone is not safe too many trouble going on at the moment. Political tension is rising. Too many political prisoners in custody. There was riot in Lunser and Tombo. Two weeks ago there was prison break. People are dissatisfied with the government. We are praying against Rebellion because it will be bloody. We are sitting on a time bomb. We value your prayers.

Let me again thank you for the money you sent . It has really been a blessing to the people of Sierra Leone by helping the to keep safe from COVID 19 and by putting food on the table of the lest privilege. May the good Lord bless you all.

1. We are not going to church now please pray for our members.
2.pray for SIERRA LEONE. The tension is too much. Let the the government and the opposition see eye to eye.
3. For our Pastors for provision for their families
4.We have the civil societies trying to mediate for wisdom
5. Children are out of school wisdom how to work with them. Parent keep calling us.
6. Pray for good health. Everyday is afraid to get sick because they will mix it up coronavirus.
7. Pray for my friend herbert he is help as a political prisoner .. We live together in the same house. For God’s grace and favour.

Stay Blessed
Yatta Samura


  1. Hi Norm

    That’s great!

    Thanks very much.

    Any chance you could upload some of the photos to the just giving page.


    I’ll then add some new words and email to our key supporters.



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