Ministry Update

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

Greetings from Sierra Leone on our Independent day 27th. April which makes us 60 years. Where are we as a nation…. That’s what people are asking…. Some people cry for Sierra Leone.

I hope you guys and your family are doing well. Corona is gradually going down many of the Restrictions have been lifted. Infection cases are going down…. That call for celebration.

Yesterday 27th April was our 60th Independent day ….. There was no celebration because people thought that there is nothing much to celebrate. Problem after problem in this Nation. The government invited other heads of state in the sub Region. Ghana, Gambia, Liberia , Guinea and dignitaries……..


  1. I have taken the coronvirus vaccine my second dose is on th 16th June. Happy to have had the opportunity others are afraid. But I am ok. Pastor Boima the assistant pastor in Meama Kono was very sick I brought him down to Freetown for medical treatment. He has improved and has gone back to Kono. We bought all the medicines to continue the treatment. I am grateful to God that we were able to help a brother and a teammate. May the good Lord continue to give him good health. Pastor Boima who is also the chief at Meama has given a large portion of Land to the MISSION for future development of the MISSION.
  2. The New church planting in MAMBO West of Freetown will be officially start on the 30th. May. We really look forward to it.
  3. I am Invited to attend a leadership conference in Dubai on the 13th – 18th. May. I need your help with my contribution of $500. They are working on my visa now.
  4. Memorial Service….. We are doing a memorial service for the the late pastor Marcarthy. We shall do it in collaboration with the family and the body of Christ in Kono on the 3th. June 2021. Putting our plans together.
  5. We have started working with the single leg Amputee. They do have a football team practising by the beach side. It is so good to hear their stories and to be able to share the love of Christ with them. They value your prayers.
  6. PRAYERS……
    • For Sierra Leone to make progress, to move forward , for peace and cohesiveness
    • For pastor Boima for his health to improve
    • For the planning going on for the new church planting to start
    • For the memorial service for pastor Marcarthy as we work with the body of Christ and the family for good working relationship. And God’s province
    • Single let Amputee for Grace and wisdom for us as we work with them.
    • For my travel to the training in Dubai for God’s province

Stay Blessed
YATTA Samura

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