Pastor MacCarthy memorial service

[From Pastor Yatta via WhatsApp]

Just coming from Kono where we did a memorial service for the late Pastor James MacCarthy who pass away on the 11 June 2020. He died during the height of the coronavirus and lockdown.

As a mission we decided to do a memorial service alongside the family.

The service was very well attended. We indeed lost a great man of God. Somebody who have served the mission and impacted lives. People were crying and wailing. I am grateful to God that we were able to do it.

Please pray for the Family, life is difficult for them. Every thing was Pastor MacCarthy. His wife was just a house wife. She has 4 children to look after. A girl the youngest and 3 boys all in the university.

As a mission we want to empower his wife to take care and support the family. If you guys can help us to set her up in a small business. After spending time talking to her she agree that 2 thousand pounds can do that for her. 2,000 . Her extended family and church family are looking for what we are doing for her. Pastor MacCarthy has been a key figure in this mission.

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