Lei Farm update

* 1st load has been transported to the Lei chiefdom farm site. Kudos to the manufacturers of land rover. The rover in the picture dates back to the 70s yet still manages to negotiate some of the worst dirt track roads imaginable, filled to the brim with loads and passengers. 

The load included 1,000 cashew seedlings and bundles of casava stems for the proposed 5 acre casava site.

* Many thanks to Hillary for donating the seedlings pictured. They’ll be nursed in four different sites to see where they do best. The four sites are ahkom school farm site, ahkom school, nimikor chiefdom site and Lei site. 

Ahkom commerce and agric teacher Mr Turay – pictured on the left, will take care of the school and school farm nurseries. Mr Samura and his assistant Emmanuel, middle  and right of the picture –  private vegetable farmers, are responsible for the Nimikor trials. Mr Tommy, whose picture I sent in a previous post, a trainee of WFF and Sierra Leone mins of agric, will lead on the Lei trials where he’s an indigene.

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