News from Pastor Yatta

The ministry has its own inimitable style. It is based upon love being a verb and upon sport. An example is the weekly “beach exercise and prayer” which Pastor Yatta describes in more detail:

Beach Exercise… Every Saturday and Sunday the beaches are full with every kind of people going to exercise. So, we have been moved to start a ministry on the beaches of Freetown. Exercise and prayer ministry at the beach. It is very exciting. We meet 7 9. We started it for Christians, but Muslims are coming in now, so we have opened it to everyone!

The Ministry of Education has asked us (sports Life) to organise the inter primary school football tournament at the East end of Freetown. 28 schools have been put under our care. It is a big opportunity for the ministry. We pray for co-operation from the schools.

Let me thank you our Partners in Oxford. We are so much grateful for your prayers and financial support.


  1. For the schools ministry, the community training, the beach ministry and the coaching programs.
  2. For the inter primary school competition going on now, for it to finish well and our partnership with the ministry of Education continue.
  3. For our relationship and partnership with the Sierra Leone Football Association.
  4. For funding to support the ministry, in particular for Pastors’ salaries and vehicle maintenance.

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