Christmas Feeding Program Dec 2022

Each year we try and send some money to Pastor Yatta for him to provide an XMAS meal for children. Here is his response (sent via WhatsApp)

We express our sincere thanks and appreciation to God for your goodness to us.
When we are hungry you feed us and when we are naked you clothe us. This is something we look forward to every year. We are really grateful to God for the provision you are making.

This Time I divided the money into 4 parts…. Other Churches have not been benefiting.

1st. Part went to Kono Church.. I was waiting for their Report and pictures. They did a big cook brought the children to church and feed them. Many Children from the neighborhood came around but they have to restrict to the children in the church. They feed 63 children.

Part 2 went to the Central Church in free town. This is something they have not done for many years.
They did a whole day treat for the children at the beach. They had good entertainment for their Sunday school Children.

Part 3 Went to Sports Life Ministry. We did a big cook for them after their usual Training. They ate so much that they don’t want to go home. We had 68. I also gave them small money each to take to their parent to help with the next day’s feeding which will be Christmas day.

Part 4.. Goes to Grace Community Church Mambo. The newest church in the Mission. They bought Toys and used clothing to share with the Children and members. The church lives in a very poor community 58 people benefited.

This year we are happy we were able to divide it like we did.

Kono Church
Sports Life
Central Church in Freetown
Grace Community Church Mambo

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