[From Pastor Yatta Samura via WhatsApp]

Our Theme for this year going to our 25 year celebration is TEAMWORK. Philippians 2 : 1 – 5. It means to work together with others and express unity in Christ in all of our Relationship. We all need to be on one Team not just the team we play. But together in God’s Team. We need to equip, encourage and empower one another. We need to be arm-in-arm with each other. Looking up together to accomplish God’s purpose. There should be no Lone Ranger. JOIN THE TEAM.

To my family in England Oxford I bring you greetings from Freetown Sierra Leone. To update you as to what God is using us to do in our beloved nation Sierra Leone.


Jog 4 Jesus. After 2 years because of corona virus , no jog of Jesus was allowed. Every activities was on hold. But this December 2022 we were able to do it again. The date was change from April to December to make room for those coming on holiday from oversees. The turn out was fantastic. We pray for world peace, for the Evangelization of our land. The closing ceremony was challenging.

Sports Camp. We put together a Youth Camp that was very Challenging and encouraging. 12 schools in the Peninsula community sent in student. This are new schools we started working with. 84 students attended. It was a One day camp. The children want to stay more. There was not enough funds. 16 student gave their lives to Christ. The camp took place on the 18th. February 2023 at Hamilton.

Baptism. After going through 6 weeks discipleship training in the church we baptised 8. 12 more on the way. Finishing soon.

Visit to Kono.. Since the death of pastor McCarthy I am doing my best to go to Kono every other month. They need Encouragement and supervision and to meet with the leadership team.
In November coming we are planning to celebrate our 25th year of existing as a mission. We are meeting again to put the plan together. We shall update you on the plan. I will appreciate if you guys can plan to come for that celebration.

Kono Church. The Kono Churches are doing well. In my last visit I visited 3 congregation. I look forward to meet the others again. They are far far apart from Koidu town. Thank God for the vehicle it has really be helpfully. Sometimes we have to use bikes because of the road conditions.

Land for Freetown Church
We have finally seen somebody who has a private land for sale. After searching for so long. He has over one acre for sale – which is about 10 town lots.We are interested between 4 – 6 town lot. He is asking for 4 thousand pounds for one town lot. But because he know me and because it is for church purpose he is ready to give it to us for two thousand five hundred pounds. This will be the best thing that will happened to us as a MINISTRY.
We have been able to raise 2 thousand dollars for him to know we are serious and interested.

Working on my Visa Working on my Visa to UK Oxford hopefully in August. There is Presidential and Parliamentary elections taking place on the 24th June 2023. Too much fighting and killing going on. Too much tension going on. I am part of reconciliation team for a free fear and transparent election. I am hopping to come in August to see all of you again eye boll to eye boll and not suffer the cold. I will let you know when I received the visa.


We are planning a sports MINISTRY training for coaches. For God’sprovision and a successful program.

Follow up program for those who receive Christ a the camp. For deeper commitment to follow Jesus..

For us to make more disciples and to follow Jesus example to be baptised

Too many accidents on the up country road. As we go to Kono – For Gods guidance and protection on the road.

For the preparation of our 25th Years celebration- The churches in Freetown will all be making it to Kono, for wisdom and provision.

For the coaching programs going on in School weekly.

For us to be able to get the Land for the church and school for Freetown. That’s our heart beat 8.Sierra Leone is going to Election. We pray for peaceful and quiet election. Too much tension is building.

For wisdom as I serve in the reconciliation committee.

For my traveling plans to go through in August to meet with my Family in Oxford.

Stay Blessed Faithfully submitted
Yatta Samura

Jog 4 Jesus
Group bible study at Youth Camp

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